Penn Central FP7A 4332

As if the lift rings on the nose weren't enough to reveal his Pennsylvania Railroad heritage, the faded gold strips are a dead giveaway. PC 4332 and two bretheren soak up some welcome Autumn sunshine while awaiting an assignment in front of the Fort Wayne roundhouse.

Photograph Copyright 1972-2001 S.C. Bertels, used with permission.
From the collection of Bob Bunting.

PC 4332

  • EMD FP7A
  • PRR Class EFP15
  • Builder# 12410
  • Delivered to the Pennsylvania Railroad 4/52 as PRR 9832,
    the first unit of the PRR FP7A order.
  • Originally painted Tuscan Red with the five gold stripes,
    then repainted Brunswick Green (aka DGLE-Dark Green Locomotive Enamel).
  • Renumbered to PC 4332, then to CR 4332
  • PC Maintenance base Conway

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