Lost and Found Pennsylvania Railroad,
Penn Central, and Conrail Photographs
of Mr. Bob Bunting

Bob Bunting of Fort Wayne, Indiana, purchased several prints of Pennsylvania Railroad-related subjects at a local hobby shop a few years ago. Some images have the photographer's name included on the back, while some do not. Bob has graciously shared with us his collection of images, which include a few taken by himself in the early Conrail years. Do check back again soon as there are some 20 photographs to be added.

Table of Contents

Part One: Pennsylvania Railroad and PC Transition Period

Part Two (Really Found): Conrail Transition Period

Bob Bunting's wife found a group of faded prints from the late Seventies at...an antique store. Having graduated from High School around then, well, we won't take offense. Anyways, she Loved her husband Bob so much that she bought them for him.

Here they are.

Reid, Robert H., Penn Central System Bi-Annual (1973).
Jerry Britton's Keystone Crossings Website.
Dan Norris' Conrail Webpage.
Tom Wolfgang's Conrail Cabins and Cabooses Website.
Stan Lytle's LocoData Locomotive Data Website. (These guys are mucho loco)
The Railspot Locomotive Database search engine.
Bunting, Bob; Word document detailing images (3.28.00).
Cupper, Dan; Email providing caption data and text for the J1a (4.1.00).
Smith, Bruce; Email providing caption data and text for PRR 4352 (8.11.00).
Timko, Steve; Email providing caption data and text for PRR 4235 (12.7.00).

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