Penn Central FP7A 4357

A westbound Penn Central freight train pulled by a pair of dual purpose FP7A's has just departed Picqua Yard and is now accelerating past the station platform at Fort Wayne, Indiana. The cylindrical water tank (that feeds the steam boiler) located just behind the lead truck best identifies this rare unit (40 were built for PRR, a handful lingered on through Conrail). This specimen is even more unusual since very few PC units wore a red letter "P". The echo created by the station front and the platform roof must have been deafening. 31 March, 1969.

Photograph Copyright 1969-2001 S.C. Bertels, used with permission.
From the collection of Bob Bunting.

PC 4357

  • EMD FP7A
  • PRR Class EFP15
  • Builder# 12435
  • Delivered to the Pennsylvania Railroad 7/52 as PRR 9857
  • Retired by 6/73
  • PC Maintenance base Conway

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