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We all have great respect for old things, particularly those which give us a glimpse into the past. Especially old photographs. They teach us that we need to record the day-to-day lives that we lead as often as we can, because 20 years from now (it's a shorter time than you think) it will all be History. The lesson is to save every poem and every scrap of prose that we write, and every drawing and photograph that we record.

It is all a snapshot of something that is destined to change.

On the way to look for something else I came upon a shoebox filled with railroad photographs that had been sent to me by railfan pen-pals in the early Seventies. Tucked in among them were pictures of my own that I took just after the formation of Conrail in 1976. Collectively they represent PRR/PC/CR from the late Sixties to the late seventies.

These photographs are humbly presented to you here, along with railroad pictures that have been contributed by kind folks who have graciously shared with us their serendipitous finds.

Table of Contents

PRR Photographs

Penn Central Photographs

Early Conrail Photographs

Grand Trunk Western Photographs

The Lost and Found PRR, PC, and Conrail Photographs of Mr. Bob Bunting

The Lost and Found PRR, PC, and EL Photographs of Mr. Steve Baldwin

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