The Utica Local

Conrail Local WDWS-3 trundles northward on the Utica Industrial track past the old Utica Feed Mill in August 2000. WS-3 is called out of Sterling Yard and works the Ford Utica Trim Plant on weekdays between 1100 and 1500. If there is ever a photograph that gives you that lonely branch line feel, this is it.

WDWS-3 is moving northward into Packard Yard at the 22 Mile road crossing. Here he will run around his train, pull it south to clear the Utica Wye, and then shove his train into the Ford Utica Trim Plant

Our WDWS-3 has run around his train and is now pulling it southward toward the Utica Wye. This view is looking north from 22 Mile Road

Photographs copyright 2000-2001 Ronald Charles Wittebols

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