DWEL (Detroit Wayne-Elkhart)

This is another shot taken in August 1993 while Conrail was still sending DWEL out from Wayne before sunset. It wasn't long before Autumn caught up with us and the available light vanished. Then Conrail reverted to sending him west from CP-YPSI after Amtrak 352 passed him around 9:00pm, making him a night time train once again. Gone were our evenings of sharing a Hot Trout sandwich from DeLongs BBQ down by the river. We have to assume that 3212 has been scrapped. Conrail doesn't come this far west on the Michigan Line anymore. DeLongs closed in early 2000.

Photograph copyright 1993-2002 Jeff Knorek

CR 3212

  • EMD GP40
  • Builder# 34653
  • Delivered to Penn Central 10/68
  • Became CR 3212
  • PC Maintenance base Collingwood
  • Disposition unknown

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