DWEL (Detroit Wayne-Elkhart)

In the late summer of 1993 Kish and I were still in our period of courtship. One of the places we'd go hang out was along the Michigan Line where is flirts with the Huron River just west of Ann Arbor. In this particular spot a large meadow is between the mainline and the river. Every evening we'd meet there, spread out a blanket, uncork a bottle of something red, cut up some cheddar, watch the sun go down, and wait for DWEL to go by.

It is a quiet location, so in the evening it is very common for Deer to gather. One time we drifted off to sleep and awoke to a small herd clustered around us at a distance of some three to ten feet or so. They were totally unaware of our presence, so I clapped my hands to scare them off lest they be alarmed by something else and stomp our direction in flight.

That August saw DWEL running early out of Wayne. I made a point to be down there by the river to see him as often as I could before we lost the daylength. Here we see the conductor kickin' back for his promenade west into the sunset through the Huron River Valley

Photograph copyright 1993-2002 Jeff Knorek

CR 5057

  • GE B36-7
  • Builder# 44408
  • Delivered to Conrail 12/83
  • Renumbered to NS 3629
  • Disposition unknown

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