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Every once in a while we run across something that captivates our imagination and inspires us to create, to record, or to preserve. I found some old photographs in a shoe box at a yard sale in Dexter, Michigan a few years ago, and put them away until I could devote a few hours with a friend to look at them. We are sharing with you what we have found.

We see the demure smile of a little girl dressed in a style that is clearly old, but we don't know how old. She is standing in front of a house, but we don't know where. Her smile is inviting, so we look further and find some photos that have notes scribbled on them; the names of friends and of places. Finally, we see the word "me" on an image that resembles her, and who is most certainly this person whom we are looking at now.

We never discover the identity of "me", but we know the names of her friends, of the friends of her parents, and of who her father worked for. When we link the types of automobiles with the faces, we can ascertain that we are peering into the time period from 1910 to around 1925 or so.

We don't know these people, but because we can see them in their world of the early 20th Century, we find them facinating. The clothes that they wore, the cars they drove, the houses they lived in...it all is something that is long gone, and lost to us forever except in these photographs.

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Collected Random Images

  • Other photographs from this collection which have few notes but are compelling nonetheless

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