DT&I Short Cut Bridge

The Short Cut Bridge was built in 1922 by the DT&I during the Henry Ford era to allow the widening of the Rouge River for large ships to transit to the Ford Rouge Plant (DT&I approached Ford for a loan to construct this bridge, instead he bought the company). To our knowledge, the tower has always been staffed by Delray Connecting Railroad Employees with the maintenance done by DT&I and GTW up until sometime during the 1980's, at which point DCRR took over full operation of the bridge. The ex DT&I mainline is on a long term lease from GTW to Great Lakes Steel and the track is maintained by DCRR. The signals and Interlocking and Grade Crossing are maintained by GTW, CSA, and DCRR depending on where it is located.

Photograph and text copyright 1999-2001 Wade Streeter

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