Detroit Line Territory

The Conrail Detroit Line mains are the parallel products of competing railroads from Toledo to Detroit which were acquired by Cornelius Vanderbilt and absorbed into his New York Central System. The southbound main track #1 is ex-Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Rwy. property while the northbound main track #2 is ex-Michigan Central RR iron.

Between CP-MILL in Ecorse and FN Tower in Trenton, the Detroit Line is accompanied by the GTW River Subdivision and the GTW Shore Line Subdivision, creating a wide right-of-way shared by 4 mainline tracks and 3 subdivisions of 2 two railroads. Visually, it is very impressive: four mainline tracks running straight and parallel, each seperated by earthen right of way with cattails and grasses and wetlands instead of ballast. It is like this, to varying degrees, all the way down to FN Tower in Trenton.

South of FN the Shore Line Sub parallels Track #2 of the Detroit Line to a point just north of the Ohio state line, while the River Sub heads west to Flat Rock MI. Meanwhile, Track #1 of the Detroit Line moves slightly to the west of Track #2, about 1/2 mile, leaving room for both Trenton Yard and Monroe Warner Yard. The two mains come back together at CP-LASALLE and run parallel south all the way to CP-289 on the NS Chicago Line in Toledo.

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