NS train 862B025 (Williamson WV-Monroe MI) is northward departing the NS Detroit Line track #2 and is entering Wagonworks at CP-54 in Toledo, OH, on January 28 2002. He'll park his train on Wagonworks track #1 and join another 862 already parked on Wagonworks track #2. The rear end of his train is still passing through CP-56, which can be seen in the distance. His head end is on the bridge over I-75.

Wagonworks is a mere 16 miles from CP-DUNBAR and the Primary Lead to the Detroit Edison Monroe plant, making it a perfect location to stage coal trains waiting to be sent to Michigan when Detroit Edison is ready to receive them.

We had a lovely day at the tail end of a January thaw, which was throwing off a delightfully mystical haze for our southward views.

Photograph copyright 2002 Jeff Knorek

Chart copyright 2002 Jeff Knorek

Wagonworks was once part of the Michigan Central Toledo-Detroit mainline (later the MCRR C.S. Division) and served as a junction between the MC and LS&MS as well as a small supporting yard for local industries. The LS&MS had both a freight depot and a passenger station here. The latter was called "Wagon Works", and was located at the corner of Albion and Monroe streets.

Wagonworks is now a prominent feature of NS's coal traffic to Detroit Edison.

After the Conrail acquisition, NS faced a problem of having to funnel both its own coal and Conrail's coal shipments through the Toledo bottleneck. More storage space was needed for trains to wait until Detroit Edison is ready to handle the coal, and Wagonworks fit the bill.

Under NS, the switches from both of the yard leads to the #2 northbound main were remoted and named CP-52 and CP-54. There are no interlocked plants on track #1 at this location, just the intermediate signal at mp54,

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