Conrail F7A 1677

Highbridge Road Bridge, Vermilion Ohio. June 1976. This bridge has been removed.
Photograph copyright 1978-2002 by Jeff Knorek.

CR 1677

  • EMD F7 A
  • Builder# 9101
  • Delivered to New York Central 4/51 as NYC 1677
  • PC Maintenance base Collinwood Yard, Ohio

    What we would do to live this over again. I knew that something special was happening here...F units on the wing. These guys had that first generation un-turbocharged EMD sound to them at run 8 pulling a heavy train at about 30 mph, barking into the evening sun. Lord, I was so there. Can't help but notice he's smokin' like a train. A lot of the Conrail's ex-PC power did that.

    The bridge is gone, I am told, due to the clearences needed for today's double stacks (Jackson, MI had one such bridge). Those F units are gone. I learned long after the fact that Collinwood Yard, east of Cleveland, was their maintenance base, which means that they saw a lot of use on the Cleveland-Toledo pool. I saw them many times while boxed up in the family car enroute to Lorain or home to Detroit. Imagine my joy at this moment...

    I used to be embarrassed by this picture. Now I love it.

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