GTW local 703 (Flat Rock-River Rouge Turn) moves southward on the GTW east connecting track at FN Tower, Trenton at 16:40 11/15/97. He has left his train on the GTW River Sub and will work industries on the GTW Shoreline Sub in Trenton.

Photograph Copyright 1997-2001 Brad Kindschy

Trenton is at the south end of the broad, four track swath that GTW and Conrail cut through the Downriver area of Wayne County. It is here that GTW's former DT&I property crosses both Conrail mains and swings west to Flat Rock, and thence toward Springfield, Ohio (the latter portion now owned and operated by I&O). Likewise, GTW's former D&TSL property crosses both Conrail mains here, and continues to parallel them to a point just south of the Ohio border. Trenton also hosts the Detroit Edison Trenton Channel Power Station (which receives coal from CR, GTW, and to a lesser extent, CSX) and the Chrysler Trenton Engine Plant, which was once served by Conrail and whose service has been abandoned by NS. When time permits, we will take a look at those two operations.

We will start with Trenton's most obvious feature.

FN Tower

Be forwarned that there is no easy way to get at this tower. We parked on a side street and hiked alongside the River Sub, and stayed well away from the tower itself. Take a long lens or binoculars.

Images of FN Tower

Maps of FN Tower

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