Norfolk Southern 8821 at
NS Ecorse Junction in Detroit, Michigan

NS train 121 (Detroit Terminal Yard - Decatur IL) with NS 8821 and 5144 is moving westward into Oakwood Yard after making his originating pick up at the NS Detroit Terminal Yard on the Union Belt east of Delray. The new connection from the Conrail Lincoln Secondary to the NS Detroit District is in the foreground. The Lincoln Secondary is on the right; the NS Detroit District is in the middle; and the Conrail Junction Yard Secondary is on the left. This view is looking east from the Fort Street Bridge, which, incidentally, is on Michigan's list of Historic Bridges. The bridge that carries I-75 over the River Rouge, itself not likely to be place on the list, looms on the background. Taken at 17:30 on 3.3.99.

Photograph copyright 1999-2001 Marcus U. Dogg

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