Conrail and GTW
at Milwaukee Junction

A BNSF coal train bound for the Detroit Edison Monroe Power Station moves Eastbound off of the GTW Holly Subdivision Southbound onto the GTW Shore Line Subdivision at Milwaukee Junction

Photograph by Brad Kindschy, imaging by Jeff Knorek
Copyright Brad Kindschy and Jeff Knorek 1999-2001

Milwaukee Junction, so named for the junction where the Detroit & Milwaukee RR crossed the Grand Trunk Western and Michigan Central, is still an important crossing. It is where the GTW Holly Sub crosses the Conrail North Yard Branch and junctions with the GTW Mount Clemens Sub and the GTW Shore Line Sub. It governs traffic off the Holly to go north (on the Mt. Clemens Sub) or south (on the Shore Line Sub). Also, the Detroit Connecting railroad interchanges with the GTW here, running on old Detroit & Milwaukee trackage to the Detroit River waterfront, using a 65 ton switcher.

Current traffic patterns see approximately 20 trains on the Conrail North Yard Branch. The GTW Holly Sub sees approximately 15 trains per day, most of them moving via the Shoreline Sub. The Mt. Clemens Sub contributes another 15 trains per day, most of them also moving via the Shore Line Sub.

Yard and transfer jobs abound on both railroads and numbers are hard to pin down. There is a significant decrease in Yard Job activity during the weekend.

On February 23rd, 2000, Milwaukee Junction Tower was closed and its duties were transferred to the Conrail Shared Assets Area Detroit Line Dispatcher.

Access to Milwaukee Jct. is difficult and trespassing should be avoided. Good views of the junction can be had from major roads in the area, including Clay Avenue and Grand Boulevard. Go with a friend, a reliable car, and a cell phone.

Text by Brad Kindschy

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