Standing at Dearborn Avenue
Looking North up the GTW Shore Line Sub

Our intreped yard job Y101-15 shown on the Delray front page is now returning to Rougemere on the old Union Belt (now the CSX Detroit Subdivision) after setting out his reefer at the Detroit Produce Terminal. We are looking northeast up the GTW Shore Line Subdivision at 13:35 on Saturday 11/15/97. The Conrail Detroit Line is on the right, and glowering beyond it is the I-75 bridge over the River Rouge. GTW coal train 762 (BN PRB - Monroe MI) sits on #2 track of the GTW Shore Line Sub. He has been waiting for not only the yard job to clear, but also for northbound GTW puller 705 to move past him on #1 track and Y101's inbound trip to the Detroit Produce Terminal.

Photograph Copyright 1997-2001 Brad Kindschy

Once all the traffic in front of him clears, 762 moves to #1 track of the GTW Shore Line Sub and is about to cross the old Union Belt. He has DEEX loads for the Detroit Edison Monroe Power Station and has a straight shot to get them there, but once he arrives he'll have to shunt an empty coal train before he can pull his loads onto the Detroit Edison Spur.

Photograph Copyright 1997-2001 Brad Kindschy

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