Standing at Dearborn Avenue
Looking North up the Conrail Detroit Line

Left to right: GTW train 385 (Montreal-Flat Rock); CSX Y203 (Rougemere-Livernois Puller); CP 507-17 (Toronto-Detroit Rougemere/Oak). Y203 is moving from #1 track of the CSX Detroit Subdivision to #1 track of the Conrail Detroit Line. Waiting for him to clear is CP 507-17 on #2 track of the Detroit Line . Poor ol' GTW 385, patiently waiting on #2 track of the GTW Shore Line Sub, arrived before CP 507 did and will now have to wait on him to clear Delray as well. 11:55, 4/18/98.

Photograph Copyright 1998-2001 Jeff Knorek

Here we see CP 507 busting loose and moving from #2 track to #1 track on the Conrail Detroit Line, and from there to #1 track on the CSX Detroit Subdivision and then on into Rougemere. Small wonder that GTW has built a connector from the Shore Line Sub to the Conrail Detroit Line between CP-Mill and CP-YD. They can now enjoy relief from the "DEL-ray DEE-lay"/Ecorse Junction mess, and simply glide through Delray on Conrail, avoiding Ecorse Junction altogether. 12:00 4/18/98.

Photograph Copyright 1998-2001 Jeff Knorek

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