How to get to Delray

To get to Delray, you will need to be on I-75 or on surface streets. We'll include both. A Rand McNally map of Detroit is STRONGLY recommended.

On I-75 From the South
If you are coming from the south (northbound), be on the lookout for Exit #44, Dearborn Ave. This exit will be just after the large concrete bridge over the Rouge River. At the stoplight at the end of the Exit Ramp, take a left, cross under the highway and cross the first set of railroad tracks. On your left, just after the tracks, will be the entrance to a cement plant. Park in the gravel parking lot between the entrance and the tracks (Be sure to stay away from the driveway, as many cement trucks use the drive).

On I-75 From the North:
Coming from the north (southbound), you will not have access to exit #44, since it is only for northbound traffic. You will need to go over the Rouge River bridge and exit at #43, Schaefer Rd. Get back on the Highway going northbound. Now, refer to directions from The South.

On Surface Streets
Take Fort Street to Dearborn Ave and turn south, or take Jefferson Ave to Dearborn Ave and turn North.

Note: Many other fine Downriver railroad locations are an easy jump from Delray.


Personally, I would not bring my gal here. Delray is in a rather scruffy part of town, and while I have never felt threatened, I alway have my guard up and try to keep myself in plain sight of the tower itself. A gaggle of railfans tends to congregate at the cement plant entrance on Saturday morning, so it's easier for me to relax when they are there. I prefer visiting Delray with a friend and a cell phone, and would never consider going there after dark.

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