Canadian National 9555 at
Delray in Detroit, Michigan

CN train 570 (Windsor ON-Flat Rock Transfer) chugs southward on the Conrail Detroit Line through Delray on 11/1/97. He wil continue south on CR to CP-Mill, where he will cross over to the GTW River Subdivision for the trip through FN and thence to GTW Flat Rock Yard. From a distance this puppy looked steam powered. Closer inspection revealed the second unit smoking like a train. The culprit is CN 2112 ("We are in Control"), which appears to have failed turbocharger. This would likely prove to be 2112's demise; at the time CN was retiring its aging MLW HR616 fleet as they suffered major failures. We think this one qualifies as such.

Photograph 1997-2001 Brad Kindschy

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