Utica Wye and the
Ford Utica Trim Plant

We are looking north on the Utica Industrial Track. The left rail goes to to Packard Yard, which is about a mile or so in length. Just past the yard is where the Utica Industrial Track ends. The right rail goes into the Ford Utica Trim Plant, which is switched between noon and 3:00 p.m. 5 days a week. The wye is bisected by 22 Mile Road. The crossing protection is visable on the left.

Here we see the business end of the Utica Industrial Track; the entrance to the Ford Utica Trim plant. We hope that the plant security folks here are more cooperative with the Conrail crews about opening the gate than the Ford Heater security folks are with CSX crews down in Plymouth (text by Jeff Knorek).

Photographs and Text copyright 2000-2001 Ronald Charles Wittebols

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