Amtrak 360 (Chicago-Detroit)

Amtrak train 360 is eastbound and getting his orders hooped up to him
by Block Operator Myron Smigelski at Town Line in Dearborn, MI 3/25/73

Photograph copyright 1973-2002 Mark W. Dobronski

PC 4297

  • EMD E8A
  • Builder# 13112
  • Frame# 6181-A12
  • Order# 6181A
  • Delivered to the Pennsylvania Railroad as PRR 5897 3/51
  • Renumbered to PC 4297, then to Amtrak 304
  • Amtrak maintanence base Harrisburg
  • Disposition unknown

    Jim Harlow Remembers:
    "Myron Smigelski was my first teacher in the craft of Block Operation and train order writing in 1971 when I first started my railroad career. He showed me a lot of tricks of the trade, such as how to deliver train orders up to speeding trains by hand. Even though Town Line was equipped with an "iron man" to deliver train orders and messages without having to hand them up, they never worked at this location successfully. We always had to deliver them by hand.

    Myron was one of the kindest men on the railroad, who always admitted me and others in the shack to observe railroad operations before I hired on - strictly against the rule prohibiting "unauthorized personnel". He never encouraged me to hire on the railroad; one time he said to me "you'll never retire from the railroad" if I intended to make it a career, because the block stations and towers wouldn't be around to retire from. As you know, he was right. He said this to me way back about 1970! I remember thinking that I didn't want to believe him even though I knew he was wise gentleman and that he could be right, but what the heck - I couldn't help myself, and figured I'd be a part of railroading as long as I could anyway.

    I shall never forget him".

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