Livernois Yard

Mark Duvall, John Donoian, and Shawn O'Day embarked on their first tour of the Motor City together way back at the end of the Swank Eighties. The year was 1989 and Conrail was storing a plethora of old rolling stock at many of the system's older yards. Many tracks were full of Jade Green and Tuscan Red cars just sitting and waiting final disposition, and the old Michigan Central Junction Yard was no exception. The Junction Yard in general eventually shrank through plant rationalization and became Livernois Yard. The old Stock Yard Terminal became the site of Livernois' Yard TrailVan Terminal. Livernois Yard, the Townline Industrial Track, and The Michigan Line can easily be viewed from along John Kronk Road in Dearborn and Detroit.

Photograph copyright 1989-2002 Shawn O'Day

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