(Detroit North Yard-IHB Gibson Yard)

This is an unusual daytime appearence for ML441, who was struggling to keep his train moving at track speed on the main through Chelsea, Michigan. We counted 60 loaded autoracks.

The red flag on the rear of the BN covered hopper marks the tail end of WDWA-01, who has released his Form D so that Amtrak 350 and this ML441 can get around him. We are standing just west of Chelsea Milling, aka Jiffy Mix, looking east toward downtown Chelsea. Through the grain transloading area on the right can be seen the former Michigan Central passenger depot. 2:00pm 4/30/99

Photograph copyright 1999-2002 Jeff Knorek

CR 6450

  • EMD SD40-2
  • Builder# unknown
  • Frame# 786148-10
  • Order# 786148
  • Delivered 9/78
  • Renumbered to NS 3384
  • Disposition unknown

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