Locomotives and Cabooses on the
Lincoln Branch/Lincoln Industrial/Lincoln Secondary
from Penn Central and Conrail Station Record of Movements, Form 19's, and Clearance Form A's
recovered at the remains of Penford Tower.

Recovery and Excel work by Jeff Feldmeier, HTML by Jerry Sundin
Copyright 2001 by Jeff Feldmeier and Jerry Sundin


September 1970

30-Sep-70 Sat CR 6481 SD40-2 TODJ

June 1971

6-Jun-71 Sun PC 5629 GP7
9-Jun-71 Wed PC 2307 GP35
10-Jun-71 Thur PC 5650 GP7
10-Jun-71 Thur PC 5688 GP7
10-Jun-71 Thur PC 8613 SW8
11-Jun-71 Fri PC 5650 GP7
11-Jun-71 Fri PC 6117 SD45
11-Jun-71 Fri PC 8637 SW900
12-Jun-71 Sat PC 3010 GP40
12-Jun-71 Sat PC 5650 GP7
13-Jun-71 Sun PC 2245 GP30
14-Jun-71 Mon PC 2937 U33B
14-Jun-71 Mon PC 5650 GP7
15-Jun-71 Tue PC 5650 GP7
15-Jun-71 Tue PC 5672 GP7
15-Jun-71 Tue PC 6005 SD35
15-Jun-71 Tue PC 6198 SD45
16-Jun-71 Wed PC 3107 GP40
16-Jun-71 Wed PC 5650 GP7
17-Jun-71 Thur PC 5650 GP7
18-Jun-71 Fri PC 3179 GP40
18-Jun-71 Fri PC 5650 GP7
19-Jun-71 Sat PC 2860 U30B
19-Jun-71 Sat PC 5650 GP7
20-Jun-71 Sun PC 3165 GP40
21-Jun-71 Mon PC 8433 SW1
22-Jun-71 Tue PC 2923 U33B
22-Jun-71 Tue PC 5650 GP7
22-Jun-71 Tue PC 5672 GP7
23-Jun-71 Wed PC 3011 GP40
23-Jun-71 Wed PC 3029 GP40
23-Jun-71 Wed PC 5672 GP7
24-Jun-71 Thur PC 5672 GP7
25-Jun-71 Fri PC 3132 GP40
25-Jun-71 Fri PC 3249 GP40
25-Jun-71 Fri PC 5672 GP7
26-Jun-71 Sat PC 2357 GP35
27-Jun-71 Sun PC 7859 GP38
28-Jun-71 Mon PC 5672 GP7
28-Jun-71 Mon PC 6148 SD45
29-Jun-71 Tue PC 2373 GP35
29-Jun-71 Tue PC 5672 GP7
29-Jun-71 Tue PC 6174 SD45
29-Jun-71 Tue PC 8614 SW8
30-Jun-71 Wed PC 3273 GP40
30-Jun-71 Wed PC 5672 GP7

June 1977

1-Jun-77 Wed CR 6246 SD40 BD-3
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 24013 N-10 BD-3
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
1-Jun-77 Wed PC 18471 N-11 Bro
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 2347 GP35 DE-7
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 22910 N-5B DE-7
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 8637 SW900 Extra
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 5790 GP7 LGG-1
1-Jun-77 Wed PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 5657 GP7 MC-6
1-Jun-77 Wed CR 21653 N-7 MC-6
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 5790 GP7 Bro
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
2-Jun-77 Thur PC 18471 N-11 Bro
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 2881 U30B CR-4
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 23090 N-5C CR-4
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 6134 SD45 DE-7
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 23016 N-5C DE-7
2-Jun-77 Thur PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 8637 SW900 LVR
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 2951 U33B MC-6
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 21644 N-7A MC-6
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 3045 GP40 MC-8
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 21511 N-7 MC-8
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 7802 GP38 ML-9
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 21113 N-7D ML-9
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 6312 SD40 TV-25
2-Jun-77 Thur PC 21774 N-7A TV-25
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 2763 U23B UPE-37
2-Jun-77 Thur CR 21655 N-7A UPE-37
3-Jun-77 Fri CR 2842 U30B BD-3
3-Jun-77 Fri CR 21067 N-7B BD-3
3-Jun-77 Fri CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
3-Jun-77 Fri PC 18471 N-11 Bro
3-Jun-77 Fri CR 3646 GP35 DE-7
3-Jun-77 Fri CR 23023 N-5C DE-7
3-Jun-77 Fri CR 7833 GP38 MC-6
3-Jun-77 Fri PC 24029 N-10 MC-6
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 3004 GP40 BD-3
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 23006 N-5C BD-3
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
4-Jun-77 Sat PC 18471 N-11 Bro
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 3218 GP40 DE-7
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 21748 N-7 DE-7
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 5790 GP7 LGG-1
4-Jun-77 Sat PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 8637 SW900 LVR
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 2932 U33B MC-8
4-Jun-77 Sat CR 23136 N-5C MC-8
5-Jun-77 Sun CR 1756 F-7A Light engine
5-Jun-77 Sun CR 2708 U23B MC-6
5-Jun-77 Sun PC 21612 N-7A MC-6
5-Jun-77 Sun CR 6343 SD40 MC-8
5-Jun-77 Sun CR 21721 N-7 MC-8
5-Jun-77 Sun CR 9502 SW1500 Switch
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 3224 GP40 DE-7
6-Jun-77 Mon PC 21553 N-7A DE-7
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 5790 GP7 LGG-1
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 6225 SD45 MC-6
6-Jun-77 Mon PC 23372 N-8 MC-6
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 7952 GP38-2 MC-8
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 24506 N-12 MC-8
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 2185 GP30 ML-9
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 21752 N-7A ML-9
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 7990 GP38-2 ST-12
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 24524 N-12 ST-12
6-Jun-77 Mon CR 8637 SW900 Swr
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 6091 SD45 BD-3
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 23095 N-5C BD-3
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 8637 SW900 LVR
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 3234 GP40 MC-6
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 24517 N-12 MC-6
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 6260 SD40 MC-8
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 23581 N-8B MC-8
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 6029 SD35 ULT-14
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 21527 N-7A ULT-14
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 21615 N-7 ULT-14
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 21741 N-7 ULT-14
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 21627 N-7A UPE
7-Jun-77 Tue CR 2778 U23B UPE
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 6000 SD35 BD-3
8-Jun-77 Wed PC 23021 N-5C BD-3
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 9502 SW1500 Job 2C, Bro
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 6260 SD40 LGG-1
8-Jun-77 Wed PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 1791 F-7A MC-8
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 23827 NE-6 MC-8
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 3244 GP40 UPE
8-Jun-77 Wed CR 21654 N-7 UPE
8-Jun-77 Wed PC 18277 N-9
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 6661 SD45-2 BD-3
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 21723 N-7A BD-3
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
9-Jun-77 Thur PC 18277 N-9 Bro
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 8063 GP38-2 CR-4
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 23817 NE-6 CR-4
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 6189 SD45 DE-7
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 23605 N-8B DE-7
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 6260 SD40 LGG-1
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 8024 GP38-2 MC-6
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 21603 N-7/7-A MC-6
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 6049 SD35 ML-9
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 21673 N-7 ML-9
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 6111 SD45 TV-25
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 21584 N-7A TV-25
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 7890 GP38 UPE-45A
9-Jun-77 Thur CR 23097 N-5C UPE-45A
10-Jun-77 Fri CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
10-Jun-77 Fri CR 6295 SD40 DE-7
10-Jun-77 Fri PC 21717 N-7A DE-7
10-Jun-77 Fri CR 8637 SW900 LVR
10-Jun-77 Fri CR 3100 GP40 MC-6
10-Jun-77 Fri PC 24042 N-10 MC-6
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 2951 U33B BD-3
11-Jun-77 Sat PC 23172 N-5C BD-3
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 3105 GP40 CR-4
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 21606 N-7A CR-4
11-Jun-77 Sat PC 21504 N-7 DE-7
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 3053 GP40 DE-7
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 6202 SD45 DE-7B
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 7310 GP9 LGG-1
11-Jun-77 Sat PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 5637 GP7 Light engine
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 8637 SW900 LVR
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 7961 GP38-2 MC-8
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 23012 N-5C MC-8
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 2628 U25B Sp I Ex
11-Jun-77 Sat CR 6740 C628 TV-25
11-Jun-77 Sat PC 23352 N-8 TV-25
11-Jun-77 Sat PC 23398 N-8
12-Jun-77 Sun CR 8616 SW8 Bro
12-Jun-77 Sun CR 2652 U25B CHR-4
12-Jun-77 Sun PC 24514 N-12 CHR-4
12-Jun-77 Sun CR 23830 NE-6 DE-7B
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 7310 GP9 LGG-1
13-Jun-77 Mon PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 8031 GP38-2 MC-6
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 21561 N-7/7-A MC-6
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 8018 GP38-2 MC-8
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 2747 U23B ML-9
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 21499 N-7C ML-9
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 8616 SW8 YD, HVT
13-Jun-77 Mon CR 18085 N-6A
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 3211 GP40 BD-3
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 21610 N-7 BD-3
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 18085 N-6A Bro
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 8078 GP38-2 DE-7
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 24542 N-12 DE-7
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 8616 SW8 HVTN
14-Jun-77 Tue PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 7310 GP9 LGG-1, YD
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 8006 GP38-2 MC-2
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 21739 N-7A MC-2
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 3092 GP40 MC-6
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 21646 N-7A MC-6
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 6311 SD40 MC-8
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 8011 GP38-2 MC-8
14-Jun-77 Tue PC 21631 N-7A MC-8
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 21671 N-7A MC-8
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 21673 N-7 UPE
14-Jun-77 Tue CR 2337 GP35 UPE-40
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 6197 SD45 BD-3
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 23015 N-5C BD-3
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 18085 N-6A Bro
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 18085 N-6A Bro
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 2526 U25B CR-4
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 2577 U25B CR-4A
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 23878 NE-6 CR-4A
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 7310 GP9 LGG-1
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 8616 SW8 LVR, C1
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 3626 GP35 MC-2
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 21549 N-7 MC-2
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 2184 GP30 MC-8
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 21158 N-7E MC-8
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 2884 U30B ML-9
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 23615 N-8B ML-9
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 6147 SD45 UDO-61
15-Jun-77 Wed CR 23311 N-8 UDO-61
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 18085 N-6A Bro
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 2526 U25B CR-4
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 23072 N-5C CR-4
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 8064 GP38-2 DE-7
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 8132 GP38-2 DE-7
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 21759 N-7 DE-7
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 22009 N-8D DE-7
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 7310 GP9 LGG-1
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 8616 SW8 LVR
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 2533 U25B MC-2
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 21735 N-7A MC-2
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 7970 GP38-2 MC-6
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 23373 N-8 MC-6
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 6081 SD45 ML-9
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 24033 N-10 ML-9
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 6209 SD45 UDG-31
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 2726 U23B UPE-51A
16-Jun-77 Thur PC 24004 N-10 UPE-51A
16-Jun-77 Thur CR 24524 N-12
17-Jun-77 Fri CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
17-Jun-77 Fri CR 18085 N-6A Bro
17-Jun-77 Fri CR 7310 GP9 LGG-1
17-Jun-77 Fri PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
17-Jun-77 Fri CR 8616 SW8 LVR
17-Jun-77 Fri CR 7982 GP38-2 MC-8
17-Jun-77 Fri PC 21524 N-7 MC-8
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 2857 U30B DE-7
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 23644 N-8A DE-7
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 8616 SW8 LVR
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 1711 F-7A MC-6
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 23831 NE-6 MC-6
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 6195 SD45 TV-25
18-Jun-77 Sat CR 23152 N-5C TV-25
19-Jun-77 Sun CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
19-Jun-77 Sun CR 18085 N-6A Bro
19-Jun-77 Sun CR 6670 SD45-2 DE-7
19-Jun-77 Sun CR 23253 N-8 DE-7
19-Jun-77 Sun CR 8025 GP38-2 MC-6
19-Jun-77 Sun CR 8019 GP38-2 UPE-68C
19-Jun-77 Sun PC 23010 N-5C UPE-68C
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 18085 N-6A Bro
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 2184 GP30 CR-4
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 22865 N-5B CR-4
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 3173 GP40 CR-4A
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 21557 N-7A CR-4A
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 8112 GP38-2 DE-7
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 22976 N-5B DE-7
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 7852 GP38 DE-7A
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 22892 N-5B DE-7A
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 7981 GP38-2 LGG-1
20-Jun-77 Mon PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 3119 GP40 MC-8
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 22966 N-5B MC-8
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 6285 SD40 TV-25
20-Jun-77 Mon CR 23340 N-8 TV-25
20-Jun-77 Mon PC 23560 N-8B TV-25
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 6004 SD35 BD-3
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 21623 N-7A BD-3
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 7901 GP38 DE-7
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 21055 N-7B DE-7
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 7981 GP38-2 LGG-1
21-Jun-77 Tue PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 3058 GP40 MC-6
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 23811 NE-6 MC-6
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 2744 U23B MC-8
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 21765 N-7 MC-8
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 3114 GP40 ST-12
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 21619 N-7 ST-12
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 2349 GP35 TJ-2
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 21590 N-7A TJ-2
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 2760 U23B UPE-53
21-Jun-77 Tue CR 24542 N-12 UPE-53
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 7987 GP38-2 BD-3
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 21541 N-7A BD-3
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 18085 N-6A Bro
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 18085 N-6A Bro
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 6321 SD40 DE-7
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 21582 N-7 DE-7
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 7981 GP38-2 LGG-1
22-Jun-77 Wed PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 8616 SW8 LVR
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 3298 GP40-2 MC-2
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 22966 N-5B MC-2
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 6126 SD45 MC-6
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 3019 GP40 MC-8
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 6687 SDP45 MC-8
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 21157 N-7E MC-8
22-Jun-77 Wed PC 21515 N-7 MC-8
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 6307 SD40 ST-12
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 22976 N-5B ST-12
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 3241 GP40 UGD
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 22968 N-5B UGD
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 2795 U23B UPE-55
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 21570 N-7A UPE-55
22-Jun-77 Wed CR 9283 NW2 YD
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 18085 N-6A Bro
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 18085 N-6A Bro
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 22977 N-5B DE-7
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 7981 GP38-2 LGG-1
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 8131 GP38-2 ML-12
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 6257 SD40 ML-9
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 6259 SD40 ML-9
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 23638 N-8A ML-9
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 2737 U23B ST-12
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 21065 N-7B ST-12
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 6304 SD40 TV-25
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 22924 N-5B TV-25
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 2729 U23B UPE
23-Jun-77 Thur CR 24535 N-12 UPE
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 18085 N-6A Bro
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 6126 SD45 CR-4
24-Jun-77 Fri PC 24044 N-10 CR-4
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 7981 GP38-2 LGG-1
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 8616 SW8 Liq, LVR
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 8615 SW8 LVR
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 5634 GP7 MC-6
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 23392 N-8 MC-6
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 2795 U23B UPE
24-Jun-77 Fri CR 21570 N-7A UPE
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 9502 SW1500 Bro
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 18085 N-6A Bro
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 8616 SW8 LVR
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 1716 F-7A MC-6
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 21582 N-7 MC-6
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 3063 GP40 MC-8
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 22808 N-5B MC-8
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 2914 U33B MC-8A
25-Jun-77 Sat CR 23235 N-8
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 6341 SD40 BM-7
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 21069 N-7B BM-7
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 8977 SW9 Bro
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 7837 GP38 MC-8
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 23111 N-5C MC-8
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 2635 U25B PC-1
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 21572 N-7A PC-1?
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 2729 U23B UPE
26-Jun-77 Sun CR 21582 N-7 UPE
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 22965 N-5B BD-3
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 2578 U25B BD-3/ML-9
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 8977 SW9 Bro
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 18085 N-6A Bro
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 2289 GP35 CR-4
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 23650 N-8A CR-4
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
27-Jun-77 Mon PC 19869 NE-6 LGG-1
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 3659 GP35 MC-2
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 21501 N-7 MC-2
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 5656 GP7 MC-6
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 23240 N-8 MC-6
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 3070 GP40 MC-8
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 23661 N-8A MC-8
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 6094 SD45 Special
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 21669 N-7 Special
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 6257 SD40 TV-25
27-Jun-77 Mon CR 21704 N-7A TV-25
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 8106 GP38-2 BD-3
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 23350 N-8 BD-3
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 8977 SW9 Bro
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 18085 N-6A Bro
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 2873 U30B CR-4
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 23235 N-8 CR-4
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 6664 SD45-2 DE-7
28-Jun-77 Tue PC 23077 N-5C DE-7
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 8616 SW8 LVR
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 3149 GP40 MC-2
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 3142 GP40 MC-6
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 3171 GP40 MC-6
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 23128 N-5C MC-6
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 2702 U23B MC-8
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 3216 GP40 MC-8
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 23634 N-8A MC-8
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 8174 GP38-2 ST-12
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 21041 N-7B ST-12
28-Jun-77 Tue CR 21627 N-7A
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 3640 GP35 1-X
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 23817 NE-6 1-X?
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 8977 SW9 Bro
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 2635 U25B CR-4
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 23042 N-5C CR-4
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 6026 SD35 DE-7
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 7938 GP38 DE-7
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 21681 N-7 DE-7
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 8178 GP38-2 MC-2
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 7949 GP38-2 MC-8
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 3197 GP40 ML-9
29-Jun-77 Wed CR 2718 U23B TJ-2
29-Jun-77 Wed PC 22829 N-5B TJ-2
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 8616 SW8 Bro
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 8977 SW9 Bro
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 2850 U30B CR-4
30-Jun-77 Thur PC 23102 N-5C CR-4
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 8615 SW8 LVR
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 5648 GP7 MC-6
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 23615 N-8B MC-6
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 7922 GP38 MC-8
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 23148 N-5C MC-8
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 8101 GP38-2 TV-25
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 21159 N-7E TV-25
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 21582 N-7 UPE
30-Jun-77 Thur CR 2920 U33B UPE-63

November 1977

1-Nov-77 Tue CR 6348 SD40 BD-3
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 8129 GP38-2 BF-7
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 6151 SD45 DSL
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 7819 GP38 LGG-1
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 8947 SW9 LVR
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 6413 SD40-2 MC-2
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 8029 GP38-2 MC-6
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 6335 SD40 MC-8
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 7659 GP38 ST-12
1-Nov-77 Tue CR 9387 YD
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 6597 U36C BD-3
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 6235 SD45 DE-7
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 7819 GP38 LGG-1
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 8015 GP38-2 MC-2
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 3255 GP40 MC-6
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 8097 GP38-2 MC-8
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 8140 GP38-2 MC-8
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 3120 GP40 ML-9
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 7841 GP38 PDSI
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 3191 GP40 ST-12
2-Nov-77 Wed CR 9347 SW1200 YD
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 3082 GP40 BD-3
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 3221 GP40 DE-7
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 7819 GP38 LGG-1
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 8947 SW9 LVR, YD
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 5633 GP7 MC-6
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 7834 GP38 MC-8
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 2781 U23B ML-9
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 7829 GP38 PDSI
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 7716 GP38 ST-12
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 6305 SD40 TV-25
3-Nov-77 Thur CR 6660 SD45-2 UDO
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 2296 GP35 BD-3
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 8947 SW9 Bro
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 3012 GP40 CR-4
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 5672 GP7 Extra
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 1750 F-7A MC-2
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 1879 F-7A MC-6
4-Nov-77 Fri CR 8173 GP38-2 ST-12
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 3235 GP40 BD-3/ML-9
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 6423 SD40-2 DE-7
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 7819 GP38 LGG-1
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 8945 SW9 LVR
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 8051 GP38-2 MC-2
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 6270 SD40 MC-6
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 3622 GP35 ST-12
5-Nov-77 Sat CR 6102 SD45 TV-25
6-Nov-77 Sun CR 1774 F-7A BD-3
6-Nov-77 Sun CR 9587 SW1500 Bro, LVR
6-Nov-77 Sun CR 6189 SD45 DE-7
6-Nov-77 Sun CR 8007 GP38-2 MC-6
6-Nov-77 Sun CR 2782 U23B ML-9
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 2875 U30B CR-4
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 6297 SD40 DE-7
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 7821 GP38 LGG-1
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 3252 GP40 MC-2
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 2835 U30B MC-6
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 2900 U33B ML-9
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 8043 GP38-2 TV-25
7-Nov-77 Mon CR 9347 SW1200 YD
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 9347 SW1200 Bro
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 2714 U23B DE-7
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 3012 GP40 IT-2
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 7821 GP38 LGG-1
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 3043 GP40 MC-2
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 3200 GP40 MC-6
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 3177 GP40 MC-8
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 2168 GP30 ML-9
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 6228 SD45 ST-12
8-Nov-77 Tue CR 8945 SW9 YD
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 3118 GP40 BD-3
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 9347 SW1200 Bro
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 9587 SW1500 Bro
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 7821 GP38 LGG-1
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 1756 F-7A MC-6
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 8035 GP38-2 MC-8
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 3116 GP40 ML-9/DE-7
9-Nov-77 Wed CR 8945 SW9 YD
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 7983 GP38-2 BD-3
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 7420 GP9 Bro
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 6223 SD45 DE-7
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 5670 GP7 LGG-1, Bro
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 6018 SD35 MC-2
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 7922 GP38 MC-6
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 7954 GP38-2 MC-8
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 3126 GP40 ML-9
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 6355 SD40 PDSI
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 6349 SD40 TV-25
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 6368 SD40-2 UDO-99
10-Nov-77 Thur CR 9347 SW1200 YD
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 7420 GP9 Bro
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 9347 SW1200 Bro
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 3148 GP40 CR-4
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 6339 SD40 CR-4
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 5670 GP7 LGG-1
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 2812 B23-7 ST-12
11-Nov-77 Fri CR 6266 SD40 UDG-39
12-Nov-77 Sat CR 6193 SD45 BD-3
12-Nov-77 Sat CR 7420 GP9 Bro, LVR
12-Nov-77 Sat CR 7973 GP38-2 CR-4
12-Nov-77 Sat CR 7993 GP38-2 DE-7B
12-Nov-77 Sat CR 5658 GP7 MC-6
12-Nov-77 Sat CR 3198 GP40 MC-8
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 3012 GP40 BD-3
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 7420 GP9 Bro
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 7804 GP38 DE-7
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 3084 GP40 MC-2
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 7980 GP38-2 MC-6
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 3240 GP40 MC-8
13-Nov-77 Sun CR 6348 SD40 MC-8A
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 2354 GP35 DE-7
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 8945 SW9 LVR
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 7818 GP38 MC-2
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 1851 F-7A MC-6
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 7911 GP38 MC-8
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 3055 GP40 ML-9
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 5620 GP7 YD
14-Nov-77 Mon CR 5670 GP7 YD
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 6284 SD40 BD-3
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 7420 GP9 Bro
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 9347 SW1200 Bro, YD
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 3310 GP40-2 DE-7
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 5670 GP7 LGG-1
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 8008 GP38-2 MC-8A
15-Nov-77 Tue CR 3901 See Note ST-12
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 6333 SD40 BD-3
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 7420 GP9 Bro
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 9347 SW1200 Bro, YD
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 8172 GP38-2 CR-4B
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 6359 SD40-2 DE-7
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 5670 GP7 LGG-1
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 8945 SW9 LVR
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 8019 GP38-2 MC-2
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 6034 SD35 MC-6
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 8047 GP38-2 MC-8
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 2325 GP35 Rail 1-X
16-Nov-77 Wed CR 3234 GP40 ST-12
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 6381 SD40-2 BD-3
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 7420 GP9 Bro
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 9347 SW1200 Bro
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 3240 GP40 CR-4
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 8945 SW9 Job 1C
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 5670 GP7 LGG-1
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 5646 GP7 Light engine
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 3254 GP40 MC-2
17-Nov-77 Thur CR 3644 GP35 MC-6
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 6266 SD40 BD-3
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 7420 GP9 Bro
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 8945 SW9 Bro, Liq, Job 1C
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 6304 SD40 DE-7
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 5670 GP7 LGG-1
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 5812 GP7 MC-6
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 3003 GP40 MC-8
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 3237 GP40 MC-8
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 2519 U25B ML-9
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 3206 GP40 ST-12
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 3247 GP40 ST-12
18-Nov-77 Fri CR 6792 C636 UDO
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 6142 SD45 BD-3
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 8945 SW9 Bro, Liq
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 7420 GP9 Bro, LIV
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 3023 GP40 DE-7
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 2341 GP35 JSA-3
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 2910 U33B MC-6
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 8053 GP38-2 MC-8
19-Nov-77 Sat CR 2848 U30B ML-9
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 7823 GP38 Bro
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 2806 B23-7 DE-7
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 6341 SD40 DE-7
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 2344 GP35 DE-7B
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 3248 GP40 MC-2
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 1714 F-7A MC-6
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 8081 GP38-2 MC-8
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 8010 GP38-2 ST-12
20-Nov-77 Sun CR 6266 SD40
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 7823 GP38 Bro
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 6313 SD40 DE-7
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 5819 GP7 LGG-1
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 6411 SD40-2 MC-2
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 3632 GP35 MC-6
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 6005 SD35 MC-8
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 3034 GP40 ST-12
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 8104 GP38-2 ST-12
21-Nov-77 Mon CR 8945 SW9 YD
22-Nov-77 Tue CR 2527 U25B BD-3/ML-9
22-Nov-77 Tue CR 7823 GP38 Bro
22-Nov-77 Tue CR 6187 SD45 DE-7
22-Nov-77 Tue CR 5819 GP7 LGG-1
22-Nov-77 Tue CR 8945 SW9 YD
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 6327 SD40 BD-3
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 7823 GP38 Bro
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 6377 SD40-2 DE-7
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 8944 SW9 LVR
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 7717 GP38 MC-6
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 8106 GP38-2 MC-6
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 2550 U25B ML-9
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 2296 GP35 Rail X
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 8125 GP38-2 ST-12
23-Nov-77 Wed CR 8945 SW9 YD
24-Nov-77 Thur CR 7823 GP38 Bro
24-Nov-77 Thur CR 8944 SW9 LVR
24-Nov-77 Thur CR 2356 GP35 MC-2
24-Nov-77 Thur CR 5634 GP7 MC-6
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 6367 SD40-2 DE-7
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 7969 GP38-2 JSA-5
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 7823 GP38 LGG-1
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 8944 SW9 Liq, Job 2B
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 2349 GP35 MC-2
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 5818 GP7 MC-6
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 8093 GP38-2 MC-6
25-Nov-77 Fri CR 6696 SDP45 ML-9
26-Nov-77 Sat CR 7823 GP38 Bro
26-Nov-77 Sat CR 8944 SW9 Liq
26-Nov-77 Sat CR 2506 U25B ST-12
27-Nov-77 Sun CR 6529 U28C BD-3
27-Nov-77 Sun CR 7823 GP38 Bro
28-Nov-77 Mon CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
28-Nov-77 Mon CR 8944 SW9 LVR
28-Nov-77 Mon CR 2368 GP35 MC-2
28-Nov-77 Mon CR 6777 C630 PDSI
28-Nov-77 Mon CR 8063 GP38-2 ST-12
28-Nov-77 Mon CR 5670 GP7 YD
29-Nov-77 Tue CR 7823 GP38 Bro
29-Nov-77 Tue CR 2810 B23-7 CR-4
29-Nov-77 Tue CR 3043 GP40 DE-7
29-Nov-77 Tue CR 8036 GP38-2 MC-8
29-Nov-77 Tue CR 5250 RS3 YD, LGG-1
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 3634 GP35 BD-3/ML-9
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 7823 GP38 Bro
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 5650 GP7 LGG-1
30-Nov-77 Wed PC 19834 NE-6 LGG-1
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 8945 SW9 LVR
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 3073 GP40 MC-2
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 2722 U23B MC-6
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 8033 GP38-2 MC-6
30-Nov-77 Wed CR 8019 GP38-2 ML-9

November 1978

2-Nov-78 Thur CR 3095 GP40
2-Nov-78 Thur CR 7819 GP38
2-Nov-78 Thur CR 8172 GP38-2
3-Nov-78 Fri CR 5651 GP7
3-Nov-78 Fri CR 7819 GP38
4-Nov-78 Sat CR 5802 GP7
4-Nov-78 Sat CR 7819 GP38
4-Nov-78 Sat CR 8172 GP38-2
5-Nov-78 Sun CR 5802 GP7
5-Nov-78 Sun CR 8636 SW900
6-Nov-78 Mon CR 5802 GP7
6-Nov-78 Mon CR 8172 GP38-2
7-Nov-78 Tue CR 5651 GP7
7-Nov-78 Tue CR 5802 GP7
7-Nov-78 Tue CR 8636 SW900
8-Nov-78 Wed CR 5651 GP7
8-Nov-78 Wed CR 5802 GP7
9-Nov-78 Thur CR 5651 GP7
9-Nov-78 Thur CR 6439 SD40-2
9-Nov-78 Thur CR 6605 C30-7
10-Nov-78 Fri CR 1811 F-7A
10-Nov-78 Fri CR 5651 GP7
10-Nov-78 Fri CR 5811 GP7
11-Nov-78 Sat CR 5651 GP7
12-Nov-78 Sun CR 5651 GP7
13-Nov-78 Mon CR 5651 GP7
13-Nov-78 Mon CR 5802 GP7
13-Nov-78 Mon CR 5808 GP7
13-Nov-78 Mon CR 6357 SD40
13-Nov-78 Mon CR 6374 SD40-2
13-Nov-78 Mon CR 9285 NW2
14-Nov-78 Tue CR 5651 GP7
14-Nov-78 Tue CR 5808 GP7
14-Nov-78 Tue CR 9285 NW2
15-Nov-78 Wed CR 5651 GP7
15-Nov-78 Wed CR 5808 GP7
16-Nov-78 Thur CR 5651 GP7
16-Nov-78 Thur CR 5658 GP7
17-Nov-78 Fri CR 5651 GP7
17-Nov-78 Fri CR 8173 GP38-2
18-Nov-78 Sat CR 5658 GP7
21-Nov-78 Tue CR 5709 GP7

September 1979

30-Sep-79 Sat CR 7420 GP9 Bro

October 1979

1-Oct-79 Mon CR 7420 GP9 Bro
1-Oct-79 Mon CR 8608 SW8 RK Turn
1-Oct-79 Mon CR 2796 U23B TODJ
1-Oct-79 Mon CR 3344 GP40-2 TODJ
2-Oct-79 Tue CR 7420 GP9 Bro
2-Oct-79 Tue CR 3137 GP40 TODN
2-Oct-79 Tue CR 8612 SW8 YD
2-Oct-79 Tue CR 9283 NW2
3-Oct-79 Wed CR 7420 GP9 Bro
3-Oct-79 Wed CR 2620 U25B NBDN
3-Oct-79 Wed CR 8612 SW8 RK Turn
3-Oct-79 Wed CR 3648 GP35 TODJ
4-Oct-79 Thur CR 7420 GP9 Bro
4-Oct-79 Thur CR 7972 GP38-2 PIDJ
4-Oct-79 Thur CR 1958 B23-7 TODJ
4-Oct-79 Thur CR 8612 SW8 YD
5-Oct-79 Fri CR 7420 GP9 Bro
5-Oct-79 Fri CR 9285 NW2 Bro
5-Oct-79 Fri CR 9283 NW2 LVR
6-Oct-79 Sat CR 7420 GP9 Bro
6-Oct-79 Sat CR 7903 GP38 NBDN
7-Oct-79 Sun CR 7420 GP9 Job 4A
7-Oct-79 Sun CR 6295 SD40 TODJ
7-Oct-79 Sun CR 2003 B23-7 TODN
8-Oct-79 Mon CR 7420 GP9 Bro
8-Oct-79 Mon CR 6447 SD40-2 PIDJ
8-Oct-79 Mon CR 8258 GP38-2 TODJ
8-Oct-79 Mon CR 9283 NW2 YD, Liq, Sw
9-Oct-79 Tue CR 7420 GP9 Bro
9-Oct-79 Tue CR 8793 RK Turn
9-Oct-79 Tue CR 9283 NW2 YD
10-Oct-79 Wed CR 7420 GP9 Bro
10-Oct-79 Wed CR 9283 NW2 RK Turn, YD
10-Oct-79 Wed CR 8093 GP38-2 TODJ
11-Oct-79 Thur CR 7420 GP9 Bro
11-Oct-79 Thur CR 1991 B23-7 TODJ
11-Oct-79 Thur CR 9283 NW2 YD
12-Oct-79 Fri CR 7420 GP9 Bro
12-Oct-79 Fri CR 8178 GP38-2 TODJ
12-Oct-79 Fri CR 9283 NW2 YD
13-Oct-79 Sat CR 7420 GP9 Bro, YD, Job 1B
15-Oct-79 Mon CR 7420 GP9 Bro
15-Oct-79 Mon CR 7949 GP38-2 TODJ
16-Oct-79 Tue CR 7420 GP9 Bro
16-Oct-79 Tue CR 7908 GP38 TODJ
16-Oct-79 Tue CR 9283 NW2 YD, Job 2B
17-Oct-79 Wed CR 7420 GP9 Bro
17-Oct-79 Wed CR 5657 GP7 Light engine
17-Oct-79 Wed CR 6278 SD40 TODJ
17-Oct-79 Wed CR 9283 NW2 YD, RK Turn
18-Oct-79 Thur CR 7420 GP9 Bro
18-Oct-79 Thur CR 1963 B23-7 TODJ
18-Oct-79 Thur CR 6350 SD40 TV-25
18-Oct-79 Thur CR 9283 NW2 YD
19-Oct-79 Fri CR 7420 GP9 Bro
19-Oct-79 Fri CR 9283 NW2 YD
20-Oct-79 Sat CR 7420 GP9 Bro
20-Oct-79 Sat CR 2398 GP35 TODJ
21-Oct-79 Sun CR 8026 GP38-2 TODJ
24-Oct-79 Wed CR 7420 GP9 Bro
24-Oct-79 Wed CR 8641 SW900 Sw
24-Oct-79 Wed CR 6499 SD40-2 TODN
25-Oct-79 Thur CR 5816 GP7 Bro
25-Oct-79 Thur CR 6092 SD45 TODJ
25-Oct-79 Thur CR 21637 N-7A TODJ
25-Oct-79 Thur CR 8641 SW900 YD, Liq
26-Oct-79 Fri CR 5816 GP7 Bro
26-Oct-79 Fri CR 7903 GP38 Light engine
26-Oct-79 Fri CR 8641 SW900 Liq
26-Oct-79 Fri CR 3112 GP40 TODJ
27-Oct-79 Sat CR 5816 GP7 Bro
27-Oct-79 Sat CR 8641 SW900 YD
28-Oct-79 Sun CR 8190 GP38-2 TODJ
29-Oct-79 Mon CR 7520 GP10 Extra
29-Oct-79 m CR 18483 N-11 Extra
29-Oct-79 Mon CR 2195 GP30 NBDN
29-Oct-79 Mon CR 8641 SW900 Sw
29-Oct-79 Mon CR 8611 SW8 YD

September 1981

8-Sep-81 Tue CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-30
8-Sep-81 Tue CR 18221 N-9 YDLY-30
9-Sep-81 Wed CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-30, YDLY-60
9-Sep-81 Wed CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3/YDLY-60
10-Sep-81 Thur CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3
10-Sep-81 Thur CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-30, YDLY-60
11-Sep-81 Fri CR 1626 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-60
11-Sep-81 Fri CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3/YDLY-60
11-Sep-81 Fri CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-30
12-Sep-81 Sat CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-60
12-Sep-81 saa CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3/YDLY-60
14-Sep-81 Mon CR 1643 GP15-1 LY-30
14-Sep-81 Mon CR 18444 N-5K LY-30
15-Sep-81 Tue CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-30, YDLY-60
15-Sep-81 Tue CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3/YDLY-30/YDLY-60
16-Sep-81 Wed CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3/YDLY-60/YDLY-30
16-Sep-81 Wed CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-60, YDLY-3, YDLY-30
17-Sep-81 Thur CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3
17-Sep-81 Thur CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-60
18-Sep-81 Fri CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3
18-Sep-81 Fri CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-30, YDLY-60
19-Sep-81 Sat CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2, YDLY-60
19-Sep-81 Sat CR 1626 GP15-1 YDLY-3
19-Sep-81 Sat CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3
21-Sep-81 Mon CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30
21-Sep-81 Mon CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-30
22-Sep-81 Tue CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2
22-Sep-81 Tue CR 19847 NE-6 YDLJ-2
22-Sep-81 Tue CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30, YDLY-60
23-Sep-81 Wed CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2
23-Sep-81 Wed CR 19847 NE-6 YDLJ-2
23-Sep-81 Wed CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-30
23-Sep-81 Wed CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30, YDLY-60
24-Sep-81 Thur CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2
24-Sep-81 Thur CR 19847 NE-6 YDLJ-2
24-Sep-81 Thur CR 8898 SW7 YDLY-3
24-Sep-81 Thur CR 18221 N-9 YDLY-3
24-Sep-81 Thur CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-30
24-Sep-81 Thur CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30, YDLY-60
25-Sep-81 Fri CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLY-3
25-Sep-81 Fri CR 19847 NE-6 YDLY-3
25-Sep-81 Fri CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-30
25-Sep-81 Fri CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30, YDLY-60
26-Sep-81 Sat CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2
26-Sep-81 Sat CR 19847 NE-6 YDLJ-2
26-Sep-81 Sat CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-60
27-Sep-81 Sun CR 8898 SW7 YDLY-99
28-Sep-81 Mon CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30
28-Sep-81 Mon CR 18444 N-5K
29-Sep-81 Tue CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2
29-Sep-81 Tue CR 19847 NE-6 YDLJ-2
29-Sep-81 Tue CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-30, YDLY-60
29-Sep-81 Tue CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-30/YDLY-60
30-Sep-81 Wed CR 1643 GP15-1 YDLJ-2
30-Sep-81 Wed CR 19847 NE-6 YDLJ-2
30-Sep-81 Wed CR 1616 GP15-1 YDLY-3, YDLY-60
30-Sep-81 Wed CR 18444 N-5K YDLY-3/YDLY-60

June 1982

17-Jun-82 Thur CR 9276 NW2 YD
17-Jun-82 Thur CR 1631 GP15-1 YDLY-30
18-Jun-82 Fri CR 1631 GP15-1 YDLY-3, LDLY-30
19-Jun-82 Sat CR 1618 GP15-1 YDLJ-2

October 1982

1-Oct-82 Fri CR 7824 GP38 YD-30, YDLY-60
1-Oct-82 Fri CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60
1-Oct-82 Fri CR 18061 N-6A YDLY-60/YD-30
2-Oct-82 Sat CR 1624 GP15-1 LY-30, LY-3
2-Oct-82 Sat CR 18286 N-9 LY-30/L-43
2-Oct-82 Sat CR 7824 GP38 YDLY-60
4-Oct-82 Mon CR 1624 GP15-1 LY-30, YDLY-60
4-Oct-82 Mon CR 18061 N-6A LY-30/YDL-460
5-Oct-82 Tue CR 18061 N-6A LY-1/LY-30/LDLY-60
5-Oct-82 Tue CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-1, LY-30
6-Oct-82 Wed CR 18061 N-6A YD-30/YDLY-60
6-Oct-82 Wed CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-30
7-Oct-82 Thur CR 18061 N-6A LY-1/LDLY-3/LDLY-60
7-Oct-82 Thur CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, YDLY-3, YD-30
8-Oct-82 Fri CR 18061 N-6A YD-30/YDLY-60
8-Oct-82 Fri CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, YD-30
9-Oct-82 Sat CR 18061 N-6A YDL-43
9-Oct-82 Sat CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, YDLY-3
11-Oct-82 Mon CR 1624 GP15-1 LY-30
12-Oct-82 Tue CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-1, LY-30
12-Oct-82 Tue CR 18061 N-6A YDLY-60/LY-1/LY-30
13-Oct-82 Wed CR 18231 N-9 LY-30/YDLY-60
13-Oct-82 Wed CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-30
14-Oct-82 Thur CR 18231 N-9 LY-3/LY-30
14-Oct-82 Thur CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-3, LY-30
15-Oct-82 Fri CR 18231 N-9 LY-30/LY-60
15-Oct-82 Fri CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-30
16-Oct-82 Sat CR 1624 GP15-1 LY-60, YDLY-1
16-Oct-82 Sat CR 18231 N-9 LY-60/YDL-41
18-Oct-82 Mon CR 1624 GP15-1 LY-30, YDLY-60
18-Oct-82 Mon CR 18231 N-9 LY-30/YDLY-60
19-Oct-82 Tue CR 18231 N-9 LY-3/LY-30/YDLY-60
19-Oct-82 Tue CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-3, LY-30
20-Oct-82 Wed CR 1617 GP15-1 LY-30, LY-60
20-Oct-82 Wed CR 18231 N-9 LY-60/YDLY-30/LY-60
20-Oct-82 Wed CR 1624 GP15-1 YDLY-60
21-Oct-82 Thur CR 1617 GP15-1 YDLY-60, LY-3, LY-30
21-Oct-82 Thur CR 18231 N-9 YDLY-60/LY-30
22-Oct-82 Fri CR 18286 N-9 LY-30
22-Oct-82 Fri CR 1622 GP15-1 LY-30, LY-60
22-Oct-82 Fri CR 1617 GP15-1 LY-60, L-41, YDLY-1
22-Oct-82 Fri CR 18231 N-9 LY-60/YDLY-41
23-Oct-82 Sat CR 1622 GP15-1 LY-60, YDLY-3
23-Oct-82 Sat CR 18286 N-9 YDLY-3
25-Oct-82 Mon CR 8637 SW900 LY-1
25-Oct-82 Mon CR 1622 GP15-1 LY-30
25-Oct-82 Mon CR 18286 N-9 LY-30
26-Oct-82 Tue CR 1617 GP15-1 YDLY-1
26-Oct-82 Tue CR 1622 GP15-1 YDLY-3, LY-30
26-Oct-82 Tue CR 18286 N-9 YDLY-3/LY-30
27-Oct-82 Wed CR 18286 N-9 LY-30
27-Oct-82 Wed CR 1622 GP15-1 YDLY-30
28-Oct-82 Thur CR 1617 GP15-1 LY-3
28-Oct-82 Thur CR 18231 N-9 LY-3
28-Oct-82 Thur CR 1622 GP15-1 LY-30
28-Oct-82 Thur CR 18286 N-9 LY-30
29-Oct-82 Fri CR 1622 GP15-1 LY-30
29-Oct-82 Fri CR 18286 N-9 LY-30
30-Oct-82 Sat CR 1622 GP15-1 LY-30, YDLY-3
30-Oct-82 Sat CR 18221 N-9 YDLY-3

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