On a fine October morning in 1999 we have a Q305 (Detroit North Yard-Toledo Stanley) on the right, having died on law at CP-CARLETON on the Lincoln Secondary. On the left is Q231 (Detroit Rougemere-Nashville), southbound on track #2 over the CSX Saginaw Subdivision. CSX has restructured the Detroit Service Lane since the Conrail acquisition, so now that he has passed the signal at milepost CC105 North End Carleton, he is technically on the Toledo Terminal Subdivision. Q305, once he gets a crew happening, will therefore move south on the Toledo Terminal Subdivision, not the Saginaw subdivision. As you can see, the signal facing Q305 is brand spanking new, and the rail he is sitting on is CWR. You can be assured that the crossovers at North End Carleton get a lot of use these days.

Photograph 2000-2001 Jeff Knorek

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