YDRR-20 crossing Eureka Road

The Eureka Road bridge is just behind the second engine as this southbound RR-20 is going over the Eureka switch in Southgate, Michigan. This was the only siding between Lincoln Yard and Penford, and has since been pulled up. A copy of PRR Toledo Division Time Table No. 21 dated September 29, 1935 says that Eureka was a Station with a siding of a capacity of 107 forty five ft. cars. The CT1000 dated Nov. 1st, 1923 says "Station no. 121R....Eureka, Mich. (Passing Siding)...[milepost] 121.0".

This day he has 19 HiCubes for Ford Brownstown and 13 covered hoppers for Guardian Glass. 8/16/88

Photograph 1988-2001 Jeff Feldmeier

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