Monroe MI-Shire Oaks PA

NS 547 is running wrong main as he crosses over southward from track #2 to track #1 at CP-LaSalle, 11:05am on April 14th, 2000. He had departed the Detroit Edison Monroe Power Station some 20 minutes earlier after having been given the clear to cross the GTW Shore Line Sub at GTW Plum Creek and enter track #1 of the Detroit Line at CP-DUNBAR.

CP-LASALLE has a set of powered CTC Crossovers on the otherwise ABS Detroit Line. As this train approached the snow started to fall, driven by a 35 MPH wind. Winter once again returned to Southeast Michigan in mid April. The crossovers resemble more a branch line-brokedown palace's staircase then a heavy duty railroad; these puppies are no faster than 15 mph. The GTW Shore Line sub is on the right; track #1 is on the left. Today's 547 has Union Pacific 8182 and 8102, a pair of SD90MACs pulling DEEX coal empties. We later saw him heading east on the Chicago Line at Vickers Crossing. Coal to the Detroit Edison Monroe, Trenton Channel, and Bellanger Park Power Stations account for a significant portion of tonnage hauled on the Detroit Line.

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