NS 331
Bellevue OH - Detroit Oakwood

At least half of the trains that we see on the north-south Detroit Line are backlit by the sun. This situation lends itself to the judicious use of film, but on some mornings I just can't help it.

Today we see a Top Hat C40-9 leading northbound on Track #2. To the right are Track #1 of the Detroit Line and the CNIC Shore Line Subdivision. The CNIC River Spur is just out of the frame on the left. This train never moves north from Wyandotte unless Oakwood is ready to take him, so he makes for an easy and strategic chase to Fort Street to catch him at the new connection to the NS (ex Wabash) Detroit District.

The turned signal head is atop a new mast called D112N at milepost 11.1. D112N is part of the signalling upgrade project on the north end of the Detroit Line between FN Tower in Trenton and CP-MILL which was cut in at 18:01 on Tuesday January 29, 2002. This project saw 4 new signals permanently replacing a total of 8 signals,

Saturday January 5, 2002, 11:00.

Photograph copyright 2002 Jeff Knorek
Signal information courtesy of Josh Osmialowski

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