NS 41M (ML-441)
Detroit North Yard - IHB Gibson Yard

The days of this train traveling over the Michigan Line are over. He now makes a pick-up of Jeeps from the new plant at Toledo Ohio, and so he is another recent adition to the Detroit Line. This fellow is running wrong-main southboound on Track #2 because CSXT train N839 (Myra KY-Trenton MI) is southbound on Track #1 down in Trenton. Out of sight behind him and two mainlines over on the left is a southbound GTW rack train on the CNIC Shore Line subdivision. The two trains were running parallel back at CP-MILL, but the NS train quicky out-accelerated the Trunk train and beat him here to Ford Avenue in Wyandotte.

Sunday January 13, 2002, 09:30.

Photograph copyright 2002 Jeff Knorek

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