20N (TV-20N)
Chicago Ashland Ave-Detroit Livernois

We are at Oak Street in Wyandotte MI looking southward down Track #1, the former MC rail which is now the northbound main. TV-20N is one of two NS intermodal trains from Conrail Detroit Livernois Yard to NS Chicago Ashland Avenue Yard. This train is usually routed via Toledo off of the Chicago Line, but on some occasions it travels the NS Michigan line instead. In the CR days, intermodal for Detroit was set out and picked up at CP-286 on the Chicago Line in Toledo and brought in by TOST or an ML433, which occasionally ran as TV25D. The latter would make Brad Kindschy quiver with excitement.

Photograph copyright 1999-2002 Shawn O'Day

Oak Street was once the site of a sizeable Michigan Central Freight House, hence the slight "S" curve on the NB mainline. This is also the site of the Milepost Twelve Dragging Equipment Detectors, !!which still reads CONRAIL!! Northbound trains need to call the dispatcher to get permission north through Wyandotte. If instructed to hold, the trains will sit just south of this location until permission to move north is granted. Typical causes of delay are due to a train crossing over at CP-Mill, congestion at River Rouge Yard, ship traffic or congestion at the Conrail Bridge, or congestion at Delray.

The old Michigan Central Passenger Depot, over the left shoulder of this southward view, still stands in Wyandotte at Oak Street and is a classic Michigan Central stone structure currently in use by the Wyandotte American Legion post. Parking here is safe and the post members do not seem to mind. Remember: don't litter or get in their way. On Memorial Day, go on in and buy them all a beer. If it weren't for them, we'd all be driving Volkswagons...

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