Detroit Line Trains

STIN-6 is southbound coming off the North Yard Branch and is entering the Conrail Detroit Line at CP-West Detroit on February 2, 1999. This location is milepost 2.9, and marks the northern end of the Detroit Line. Photograph Copyright 1999-2002 Marcus U. Dogg

Traffic volume is light to moderate during the week, very quiet on weekend afternoons. The coal trains between Toledo and Monroe make it busier there than anywhere else south of Delray. The rail between West Detroit and Delray is probably the busiest of all due to the local traffic and the CP trains. The combination of all this plus the CN trains on the GTW River and Shore Line Subs, which we will deal with near the bottom of this page, can add up to a lot of business depending on where you are.

Train symbols that ply all or part of the Detroit Line include:

Norfolk Southern

  • 171 (STPB) Detroit Sterling - Salem IL/UP
  • 11V Bellevue OH - Detroit Sterling
  • 17J (STBN) Detroit Sterling - Madison IL/TRRA/BNSF
  • 17Q (PIST) Pittsburgh - Detroit Sterling
  • 178 (formerly 332...go figure) Detroit Oakwood - Bellevue OH
  • 18Q (BNST) Madison IL/TRRA/BNSF - Detroit Sterling
  • M8Q (Frequent second section of 18Q)
  • 19M (COST) Columbus Buckeye OH - Detroit Sterling
  • 20N (TV-20N) Chicago Ashland Ave - Detroit Livernois
  • 10N (Second section 20N)
  • 21N (TV-21N) Detroit Livernois - Cicero IL/BNSF
  • 27G Detroit North Yard - Chicago Proviso
  • 28G Chicago Ashland Ave - Detroit Wayne
  • 28K Chicago Calumet Yard - Detroit Wayne
  • 29A Kansas City MO - Detroit Jefferson Ave
  • 331 Detroit Oakwood - Bellevue OH
  • 343 St. Thomas - Detroit Oakwood
  • 344 Detroit Oakwood - St. Thomas
  • 40A Elkhart - Detroit Oakwood
  • 41M (ML-441) Detroit North Yard - IHB Gibson Yard IN
  • 48E (ELST) Elkhart IN - Detroit Sterling
  • 49E (STEL) Detroit Sterling - Elkhart IN
  • 542 (UDR) Shire Oaks PA - River Rouge....Coal Loads
  • 543 (UDR) River Rouge - Shire Oaks PA....Coal Empties
  • 544 (UTM) Shire Oaks PA - Trenton MI....Coal Loads
  • 545 (UTM) Trenton MI - Shire Oaks PA....Coal Empties
  • 546 (UDM) Shire Oaks PA - Monroe MI....Coal Loads
  • 547 (UDM) Monroe MI - Shire Oaks PA....Coal Empties
  • 664 Ashland Ave./Chicago, IL-Trenton, MI-L
  • 665 (UTR) Trenton MI - BNSF Cicero....Coal Loads
  • 666 Ashland Ave./Chicago, IL-Monroe, MI-L 667 Monroe, MI-Ashland Ave./Chicago, IL-E
  • 680 (UDM) BNSF Cicero - Monroe MI....Coal Loads
  • 681 (UDM) Monroe MI- BNSF Cicero....Coal Empties
  • 858 Portsmouth OH - Ford Rouge Fordson Yard....Coke Loads
  • 859 Ford Rouge Fordson Yard - Portsmouth OH....Coke Empties
  • 862 Williamson WV - Monroe MI....Coal Loads
  • 863 Monroe MI - Williamson WV....Coal Empties
  • 880 Williamson WV - Monroe MI....Coal Loads
  • 65A Rouge Steel Detroit - Fairless PA....Steel Empties
  • 67A Fairless PA - Rouge Steel Detroit....Steel Loads
  • 66Q Ecorse MI - Morrisville PA....Steel Empties
  • 68T (MGL) Portage IN - Detroit River Rouge....Steel Empties
  • 68W (DLP) Detroit Livernois - Philadelphia Greenwich....Steel Empties
  • 69T (GLM) Detroit River Rouge - Portage, IN....Steel Loads
  • 54Q Adrian MI - Harrisonburg VA....Grain Loads
  • 55Q Harrisonburg VA - Adrian MI....Grain Empties
  • 58J Albion MI - Valdosta GA....Grain Loads
  • 59J Valdosta GA - Albion MI....Grain Empties
  • W44 Detroit Oakwood-Windsor Turn


  • Y123/YDRR-23 Brownstown Job works the Ford Brownstown Parts Depot
  • YDRR-20 "The Glass Man" works the Guardian Glass Plant near Carleton, is also used as a River Rouge-Windsor Turn.
  • YDRR-50 Rouge/Techumseh/Delta/Livernois Job
  • River Rouge Yard jobs and Start Times

  • YDRR-20....0400
  • YDRR-01....0700
  • YDRR-32....1450
  • YDRR-50....1500
  • YDRR-40....1430
  • YDRR-03....0630
  • YDRR-30....2245
  • YDRR-51....2315
  • YDRR-R7....variable
  • YDRR-R9....variable
  • YDRR-23....0630
  • YDRR-02....0630
  • Livernois Yard jobs and Start Times

  • YDLV-10....0759
  • YDLV-08....0705
  • YDLV-R3....variable
  • YDLV-60....2300
  • YDLV-33....1559
  • YDLV-04....0630
  • YDLV-08....0759
  • YDLV-07....0600


Note: CSXT Coal trains to Trenton use either the Lincoln Secondary to CP-ECORSE and CP-YD to the Detroit Line and head south to Trenton on Track #1, OR use the CNIC Shore Line SD from Toledo Lang to Gibralter Road, crossing over to the Detroit Line track #2, then proceeding a mile or so to Trenton. Most loads use the CNIC route from Walbridge, and most empties use the Lincoln Secondary route back to Walbridge.

  • Q132 Detroit Livernois - Cleveland Collinwood intermodal
  • Q151 Cleveland Collingwood - Detroit Livernois intermodal
  • Q304 Toledo Stanley - Detroit North Yard manifest
  • Q305 Detroit North Yard - Toledo Stanley manifest
  • K538 Garrett IN - Detroit Livernois limestone
  • N852 Federal 2 Mine WV - Trenton MI coal loads
  • N835 Sapphire Mine KY - Trenton MI coal loads
  • N836 Bailey Mine PA - Trenton MI coal loads
  • N839 Myra KY - Trenton MI coal loads
  • N840 BNSF Cicero - Trenton MI coal loads
  • N841 BNSF Cicero - Trenton MI coal loads
  • E447 Trenton MI - Russell KY coal empties
  • E842 Trenton MI - Newell PA coal empties
  • E946 Trenton MI - BNSF Cicero coal empties
  • E958 Trenton MI - UP Proviso coal empties
  • Y203 Rougemere - Livernois Puller
  • D717 Plymouth - North Yard Frame Turn
  • D718 Rougemere - CN Windsor VanDeWater Turn

Canadian Pacific

Note: Canadian Pacific trains run on the Detroit Line between CP-West Detroit and Delray only. And we find that many of the Chicago-bound trains now use the new connection at CP-LOU on the Michigan Line to get to CSXT, bypassing this route through Delray and Rougemere. As more trainmen are being qualified for the new routing, fewer of these trains are moving over the Detroit Line to/from Delray. The sight of a CP train sitting on the Detroit Line waiting to get through Delray is becoming a rare one indeed.

  • 500 Chicago Bensonville-Montreal
  • 501 Montreal-Chicago Bensonville
  • 502 Chicago Schiller Park-Montreal Hochelaga, PQ
  • 503 Montreal-Chicago Schiller Park
  • 504 Chicago IHB Blue Island-Toronto
  • 505 Toronto-Chicago IHB Blue Island
  • 507 Toronto-Detroit CSX Rougemere
  • 508 Detroit-Montreal Hochelaga, PQ
  • 509 Montreal-Detroit CSX Rougemere
  • 511 Toronto-Chicago
  • 512 Chicago-Saratoga
  • 514 Chicago-Toronto
  • 515 Toronto-Detroit NS Oakwood
  • 516 Detroit NS Oakwood-Toronto
  • 517 Toronto-Chicago Sunday only, combined 501 & 511
  • 528 Detroit-Toronto
  • 529 Toronto-Detroit NS Oakwood Roadrailer Terminal
  • 530 Chicago-Montreal
  • 531 Montreal-Chicago
  • 532 Chicago-Montreal
  • 533 Montreal-Chicago
  • 534 Chicago-Toronto
  • 535 Montreal-Chicago IHB Blue Island Yard
  • 536 Chicago-Toronto
  • 537 Toronto-Chicago
  • 541 Toronto-St. Paul
  • 542 St. Paul-Montreal
  • 544 Chicago-Toronto
  • 545 Toronto-Chicago
  • 747 Toronto-Chicago IHB Gibson Yard

GTW, er, Canadian National

CNIC trains, when possible, use Conrail trackage between CP-VINEWOOD and CP-YD on the Detroit Line to short cut around and avoid the Delray/Ecorse Junction bottleneck, which has plagued through traffic on the CNIC Shore Line Subdivision since Creation.

CN and Conrail have installed a brand new crossover near CP-YD, called COOLIDGE on CNIC. This connection provides yet another crossover between the GTW Shore Line Sub and the Conrail Detroit Line. CN already enjoys a crossover from the Conrail Detroit Line to the GTW River Sub at CP-MILL. This new connection at COOLIDGE allows CN traffic to avoid the maddening Ecorse/Delray congestion.

Brad The GTW Freak Kindschy writes:
"No pattern whatsoever as to which GTW trains use the Conrail Detroit Line between CP-YD and CP-VINEWOOD. Basically, the SAA is now run as a terminal railroad and one of the ways for them to make money is to offer trackage that is how CN got the rights. SAA will only handle the GTW trains when they have the capacity. CN will only route the trains that way when their own lines are congested. But any train with a qualified engineer can go via the Conrail Detroit Line."

Data provided by Shawn O'Day, Brad "The GTW Freak" Kindschy, John Krattanger, The Bull Sheet,
Wayne "King" Kuhl, James Deeds, Jim H. Harlow, Paul Hammond, Marcus U. Dogg, and Kevin Burkholder.

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