New Brighton Park
"the Fly-By place"

New Brighton Park is a city park with the usual rules: Close at dark, no alcohol, no open fires except in the grills that are provided. The city police patrol it with certain regularity, so trespassing on the right of ways is discouraged. We spent a very leasurely morning there while enroute to see Bob Dylan at the Pittsburgh Civic that evening.

The View

The Fort Wayne Line #1 track forms the eastern boundry of most of the park. The railroad is above grade, so you'll be looking up at the trains as the pass by.

The Beaver River forms the western boundry of the park. On the other side of the river is the CSX Pittsburgh Subdivision, which can be clearly seen during the months when foliage is scant.

We can see the flat lines of the CSX Pittsburgh Subdivision right of way across the Beaver River from us. The Fort Wayne Line #1 track, indeed the view from the previous picture, is directly behind us.

As we have mentioned, the west shore of the Beaver River hosts the CSX Pittsburgh subdivision's double track mainline. Therefore, the bridge that carries the Fort Wayne Line over the Beaver River also passes over the Pittsburgh SD.

We have moved slightly north and are at the bend in the park road as it follows the bend in the river and swings underneath the Fort Wayne Line. The bridge itself is juuuust out of the frame on our right. Across the Beaver River on the CSX Pittsburgh SD is a light engine move that is heading eastward to tie onto a westbound autorack train sitting at Aliquippa, PA, upstream on the Ohio River. 5 November, 1999. Photograph copyright 1999-2001 Jeff Knorek

Here we have followed the park road to the end, just past the bridge that carries the Fort Wayne Line over the Beaver River. Up above on the Fort Wayne Line are two eastbounds. The one of the right is on #2 track and is overtaking the one on the left, which is on #1 track. When I am with Kish, railfanning takes a back seat to...being with Kish. So we both had a fairly relaxed attitude about seeing parallel trains moving the same direction over the New Brighton flyover in near perfect sunlight but at a fairly disadvantagious photographic angle. Needless to say, if I was not with Kish and instead was with Shawn, Mark, and Brad then we'd all be going apeshit over this gift from Above. The Youngstown Line, incidentally, is over our right shoulder here. Great views of the Flyover Viaduct and southbounds rounding the bend on the Youngstown Line can be had from this spot. 5 November, 1999. Photograph copyright 1999-2001 Jeff Knorek


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