CSXT New Castle Subdivision

             Milepost BG 58.4 West Pittsburgh PA west to

                BG 192.5 WAS Boyd at Greenwich OH


            Dispatched by the AT desk 160.230, 160.320



                                  A Description

                      A brief overview and explanation


The New Castle Subdivision is an amalgomation of the B&O and Pittsburgh & Western railroads, with a corner of the P&LE thrown in for good measure.

The P&W was absorbed into the B&O at the beginning of the 20th century after starting as a seperate entity that strove to connect Pittsburgh with Lake Erie. It caught the fancy of B&O officials who were looking to lease and/or purchase their way west to Chicago from Pittsburgh, who integrated it with their own mainline from Cumberland.


The portion of the New Castle SD that was originally P&W runs from New Castle PA to Youngstown OH. West of Youngstown is rail that B&O built to Cuyahoga Falls OH in order to bypass the original P&W route. West of Cuyahoga Falls is rail that the B&O built to connect Akron with a location they called Chicago Junction, and that we call Willard. Willard OH is the traditional end of the New Castle SD, although in the post-Conrail reorganization the end has been truncated at Greenwich OH.


The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR and the Pennsylvania RR had the enviable river valley running through the mountainous territory north and west of Pittsburgh, leaving the B&O's P&W line a hilly, curvy second sister to both of them. All three converged at New Castle PA. The PRR was a bitter rival to the B&O, while P&LE was a New York Central holding. So it was P&LE that B&O approached seeking trackage rights to send its passenger and priority traffic in 1934, bypassing the P&W between Pittsburgh and New Castle (which is today known as the P&W Subdivision). This arraingment continued past the Penn Central era as P&LE escaped the banckrupcy by arguing its independence from the fallen giant. CSX purchased the P&LE in the early 1990's, and the bulk of it is today known as the Pittsburgh Subdivision.


However, a tiny portion of the P&LE, the part that interchanged with AND ran around the P&W just south of New Castle at a location called West Pittsburgh PA has been attached to the New Castle subdivision.




                                           The Route

                     A list of signals and interlockings


BG  54.2   West Pittsburgh   AS  "West Pittsburgh"

                 End Pittsburgh SD, Begin New Castle SD


       55.2   P&W Jct   AS  "P&W Junction"    (P&W SD)   


       55.6   UN Tower   AS


       57.5   New Castle Jct


       58.0   New Castle Interlocking  AS  "Mahoningtown", "Motown"

                  (flyover the NS/ISSR interchange)


       60.0   "Milepost 60"


       62.1   "Edinburg"


       62.6   Defect Detector Edinburg


       63.9   "Milepost 64"


       65.3   "Kennedy Curve"


       67.1   "State Line"


       68.1   "Lowellville"


       69.5   Lowellville Spur


       71.5   "Bridge Street", "Struthers"


       73.5   "Center Street" (Youngstown)


       75.7   "Market Street"


       77.5   "Yanda"


       79.5    Ohio Jct   AS  "OW"   (CR Youngstown Line)


       81.0   "Liberty Street"


       81.3    Defect Detector Liberty Street


       82.5   "McDonald"


       84.1   "Belmont"


       86.1   "Salt Springs Road"


       87.7    Niles Jct.   AS "Niles" (CR Lordstown Secondary)


       89.1   "West End Niles"


       91.2    "Goodman"


       92.5    "Rock Cut"


       94.1    East End Newton Falls   AS   "Miller Graber"


       95.3    Newton Falls    AS  (CSX Newton Falls SD)

                  2 WB signals, 1 EB


       98.1   West End Newton Falls   AS


       99.7   "Paris Road"


     101.0   "Milepost 101"


     102.9    Defect Detector Apco


     102.2    East End FS   AS


     103.9    FS Center   AS


     105.7    Charlestown   AS "West End FS"


     106.3    "Knapp Road"


     108.1    "Milepost 108"


     109.5    "East End Ravenna"


     110.6    Ravanna   AS   (CR Cleveland Line)  


     112.1    "Black Horse"


     113.7    "Golf Course", "Lakewood Rd",

                 "Wal-Mart On The Green", "Pebble Beach"



     116.3    "Old E.T.", "OET", "Old Erie Transfer"        


     117.6    "Kent"  


     119.1    "Bus Stop", "119"


     120.1    "Gravel Pit"


     121.9    Defect Detector Munroe Falls


     122.1    "Munroe Falls", "Route 91"


     123.5     "Bailey Rd"    Cuyahoga Falls


     124.6    Broad Blvd   AS   "Broad St", "Blvd of Broads"   Akron



     124.7    XN Tower


     127.5    BD Tower   AS   "BD"



     128.3    Akron Jct   AS  "AY", "Arlington Street"


     130.8    "Exchange Street", "Depot"


     132.7    "Bridge 16", "Firestone"


     134.8    Lambert  AS

                 Begin Single Track


     137.3    "Barberton", "BN"


     139.5    "Jones Chemical"


     142.1    "Milepost 142"


     143.8    Warwick  AS   Clinton                

                 End Single Track


     145.4    "Cole"  AS


     147.3    "Not"   AS


     148.0    Defect Detector Easton


     148.4    "Easton"


     151.0    "Milepost 151"


     152.2    "Rittman"


     153.8    "East End Sterling"   AS


     155.2    WAS Sterling   AS


     155.5    Sterling  AS   (CL&W SD)


     156.8    Creston   AS


     159.0    "Mud Lake"


     162.2    "Milepost 161", "Friendsville"


     165.6    "Lodi", "Route 83"


     167.1    "Black River"


     169.2    Defect Detector Pawnee


     169.2    "Pawnee"


     171.9    "Homer"    AS


     174.1    "Milepost 174"


     176.8    "Sullivan"


     178.7    "Hillbilly Heaven", "Milepost 179"


     181.1     Nova    "Nova"   AS


     182.4    West End Nova   AS


     183.4    "Telephone Road"


     185.2    "Hereford", "Walnut Bluff"


     186.4    "Seven Hills"


     188.5    "Route 250", "Ramey"


     188.5    Defect Detector Ramey


     190.3    "Route 13"


     192.5    WAS Boyd   AS

             End New Castle SD, Begin Willard Terminal SD


     192.7    Greenwich  (CSX Indianapolis Line)


     192.9    EAS Boyd   AS


     193.2    GN Tower   AS (EB connection to Indianapolis Line)


     195.5    "Edwards Road", "Edwards"


     198.2    Boughtenville   AS    Crossovers


     200.1    "Walnut Road"


     200.8    Defect Detector Walnut


     201.5    Peru Center Road   AS


     203.4    "East Willard"  AS


     204.2    WAS RX   AS


     204.9    Willard (RX Tower)   AS


BI     4.2    End of Willard Terminal SD, Beginning of Willard SD





                                                   The Trains



Q200-Automotive Business Unit


Q207 (Rose Lake IL - Jessup MD)   as needed

Q216 (Walbridge - Philadelphia PA)   Daily

Q217 (Philadelphia PA - Detroit Rougemere)  Daily

Q221 (New Castle PA - Avon IN)   Tue-Sun

Q249 (Baltimore Curtis Bay - Wixom MI)   Daily

Q252 (Nashville - Philadelphia Eastside)   Thu, Sat

Q276 (Toledo Walbridge - Baltimore Bay View)   Daily

Q278 (Toledo Walbridge - Baltimore Curtis Bay)   Daily

Q296 (Saginaw MI - Baltimore Bay View)   Daily

Q297 (Baltimore Penn Mary - Toledo Walbridge)   Daily

Q298 (Willard - Lordstown)   Daily

Q299 (New Castle PA - Willard West)  Mon-Sat



Q300-East-West Corridor Manifest Trains


Q343 (Baltimore Curtis Bay - Willard West)    Daily

Q352 (Willard - Cumberland)   Daily

Q353 (Cumberland - Willard West)

Q354 (Willard - Cleveland)   Daily

Q355 (Cleveland - Willard)   Daily

Q358 (Avon IN - Cumberland)   Daily

Q359 (Cumberland - Avon IN)   Daily

Q368 (Louisville,Ky - Pavonia NJ)   Daily

Q375 (Philadelphia Greenwich - Louisville)   Daily

Q382 (Chicago Blue Island - Cumberland)   Daily

Q384 (Chicago Barr - Cumberland)   Daily



Q400-Eastern North-South Manifest Trains


Q416 (Rocky Mount NC - Willard West)   Daily



Q100 Intermodal


Q130 (Chicago 59th St - Portsmouth VA)   Tue-Sun

Q133 (Baltimore Penn Mary - Chicago 59th St)   Mon-Sat

Q134 (Chicago 59th St - Baltimore Penn Mary Jct)   Sat-Thur

Q135 (Philadelphia Eastside - Chicago TOFC)   Daily

Q136 (Chicago TOFC - Philadelphia Eastside)   Daily

Q137 (Baltimore Penn Mary - Chicago 63rd St)   Daily

Q138 (Chicago 63rd St - Baltimore Penn Mary)   Daily

Q139 (Portsmouth VA - Chicago 59th St)   Mon-Sat



Q600 Cross Corridor Trains


Q640 (Cumberland - Buffalo)   Daily

Q641 (Buffalo - Cumberland)   Daily



K Trains Bulk Commodity


K165 (Chicago - Bessemer PA)   WC Ore as needed...Winter Months

K193 (Demmler PA - Chicago)   Mty WC as needed...Winter Months

K301 (Glenwood PA - Chicago)  Coke as needed

K310 (Chicago - Glenwood PA)  Mty Coke as needed

K352 (Detroit Rouge Steel - Bessemer)  Mty Coke as needed

K377 (Glenwood PA - Chicago)  Coke as needed

K378 (Glenwood PA - Chicago)  Coke as needed

K385 (Demmler PA - Detroit Rouge Steel)  Coke as needed

K387 (Glenwood PA - Cleveland)  Coke as needed

K501 (Philadelphia Greenwich - Middletown OH)   Slab Steel as needed

K502 (Middletown OH - Philadelphia Greenwich)   Mty Slab

K503 (Philadelphia  Greenwich - Middletown OH)   Slab Steel as needed

K504 (Middletown OH - Philadelphia Greenwich)   mty Slab Steel as needed

K505 (Philadelphia Greenwich-Indiana Harbor IN)     Steel as needed

K515 (Demmler PA - Ensley AL)   Steel as needed

K516 (New Castle PA - Middletown OH)   Steel as needed

K518 (Middletown OH - Glenwood)   Mty Steel as needed

K522 (Aliquippa PA - East Chicago, IN)   Steel as needed

K560 (Curtis IN - Bessemer PA)   Slab Steel as needed

K561 (New Castle PA - Worthville KY)   Steel as needed

K562 (Worthville KY - New Castle PA)   Mty Steel as needed


Coal Trains


N048 (Blacksville 2 Mine WV - Belle River MI)   as needed

N049 (Emerald Mine PA - Belle River MI)   as needed

N050 (Newell PA - Belle River MI)   as needed

N051 (Federal 2 Mine WV - Belle River MI)    as needed

N052 (Consol 95 WV - Belle River MI)    as needed

V900 (Bailey Mine PA - Willoughby OH)    as needed

V903 (Emerald Mine PA -Willoughby OH)    as needed

V904 (Evergreen WV - Willoughby OH)    as needed

V991 (Bailey Mine PA - Chicago)   as needed

V994 (Bailey Mine PA - Toledo OH)    as needed

W755 (Akron OH - Niles OH)   WLE Coal as needed

E855  (Niles OH - Akron OH)   WLE Mtys



Grain Trains

Note: Rocky Mount trains can also use the Fostoria-Columbus-Russell-Shelby route, so CSX uses that profile for about 2/3 of the Rocky Mount trains originating from OH, MI, and IN. The Fostoria-Willard-New Castle-Cumberland route assumes the other 1/3. It is safe to presume that trains can use either profile as conditions demand. We are showing here only the New Castle profiled trains.


G052 (Botkins OH - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G055 (Lima OH - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G101 (Sterling OH - Grafton OH Turn)    as needed

G117 (Danville IL - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G150 (Chicago - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G151 (Columbus OH - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G152 (Vauces OH - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G153 (Indianapolis - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G156 (Grand Ledge MI - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G161 (Lafayette IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G166 (Saginaw MI - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G169 (Toledo Walbridge - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G171 (Willard - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G172 (Garrett IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G203 (Willard - Rocky Mount NC)   as needed

G218 (Toledo Walbridge - Rocky Mount NC)   as needed

G219 (Willard - Rocky Mount NC)   as needed

G300 (Fort Wayne - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G318 (Fort Wayne - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G323 (Emporia IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G329 (Avon IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G334 (Decatur IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G337 (Kenton OH - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G342 (Hamlet IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G343 (Avon IN - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G351 (Detroit Rougemere - Winchester VA)   as needed

G354 (Detroit Rougemere - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G362 (Grand Rapids MI - Rocky Mount NC)   as needed

G363 (Indianapolis - Rocky Mount NC)   as needed

G367 (Garrett IN - Rocky Mount NC)   as needed

G659 (Baltimore Locust Point - Grand Ledge MI)   mty as needed

G663 (Baltimore Locust Point - Webberville MI)   mty as needed

G670 (Baltimore Locust Point - Roachdale IN)   mty as needed

G692 (Cumberland - Parr IN)   mty as needed

G732 (Baltimore Locust Point - Vauces OH)   mty as needed

G738 (Rocky Mount NC - Toledo Rossford)   mty as needed

G741 (Baltimore Locust Point - Toledo Rossford)   mty as needed

G753 (Baltimore Locust Point - Emporia IL)   mty as needed

G754 (Baltimore Locust Point - Hamlet IN)   mty as needed

G756 (Baltimore Locust Point - Avon IN)   mty as needed

G860 (Sterling OH - Baltimore Locust Point)   as needed

G865 (Rocky Mount NC - Willard West)   mty as needed

G907 (Baltimore Locust Point - Willard West)   mty as needed

G908 (Baltimore Locust Point - Columbus OH)   mty as needed

G909 (Baltimore Locust Point - Garrett IN)   mty as needed

G910 (Baltimore Locust Point - AnnPere MI)   mty as needed

G914 (Baltimore Locust Point - Saginaw MI)   mty as needed

G916 (Baltimore Locust Point - Lafayette IN)   mty as needed

G971 (Rocky Mount NC - Toledo Walbridge)   mty as needed


(researched by XNJon & JK off of the Bullsheet.com website)







   D756    Deforest Jct-Warren Local

   D757           "             "            

   D758           "             "             

   D759    Defrorest Jct.-Newton Falls Turn          

   D760    Lordstown-Warren Local

   D761    Lordstown-Youngstown Turn

   D762    Lordstown-GMC Switcher



   D750   Willard-Akron Turn. 

          This train interchanges traffic with the OHCR and the RJ Corman

          at Warwick, and works at Akron before turning back west to

          Willard, working local industry work along the way.


   D755   Wooster Local.    Weekly

          Called at Akron, he departs for Warwick where he runs on

          the RJCorman/Ohio Central ex-B&O to Massillon, and then uses

          trackage rights on the ex-Conrail Ft. Wayne Line to Wooster.

          He returns from Wooster the following day.


   D763   New Castle-Warwick   Daily

          He is usually called at Newcastle at 9:00 and comes into Akron

          where he sets out some oil cans which is interchanged with the

          WLE by CSX Y101.  Then he goes onto Warwick to interchange

          coil cars with the Ohio Central (Z610). Usually, he works at Akron

          on the way back to New Castle, picking up the empty oil cans already

          brought up by Y101.


   D702   Warwick-New Castle   Daily

        He is the return local to New Castle once D763 is recrewed.



   Z610   The CSX symbol for Ohio Central's run into Warwick     

   Z622   The CSX symbol for RJCorman' s run into Warwick

   Z640   Akron Barberton Belt (ABCR)  Akron-Barberton run

   Z642   Akron Barberton Belt (ABCR)  Akron-Barberton run         



   D751   Cleveland-Parma Local

   D752   Cleveland-Parma-Lester Local

   D753   Cleveland-Sterling Local

   D754   Lorain-Sterling Local


   D764   Cleveland-Warwick Local

          This train is called out of Cleveland in the morning, bringing

          autoparts to Warwick for the Q296/Q297. 




   D750   Willard-Akron Turn (see Akron listing)


(compiled by JK, aided by many...)




Yard Jobs


New Castle has three jobs.  Y120 (On duty at 0700),

Y201 (On duty at 1500), and Y301 (On duty 2300).

These jobs stay primarily in the yard but once or twice

a week, a job will go switch a pipe supplier in Lowellville

and/or go east to a lumber yard in Ellwood City (Steve Grabman)



Willard has many jobs, too numerious to list.  At

least 4 jobs operating at any time of day. (Steve Grabman)




Many thanks to Steve Grabman, Steve McMullen, XNJon, Al Nemetz, and Tony Dannemiller 


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