CSXT Greenwich Subdivision

               Milepost GH 13.2 (CP-13) Berea OH west to

                        GH 80.3 (CP-80) at Galion OH


                     Dispatched by the IF desk 160.800



                                  A Description

                      A brief overview and explanation


The CSXT Greenwich Subdivision is part of what once was the Conrail Indianapolis Line, which has been divided into three CSX subdivisions:

the Greenwich SD, Mount Victory SD (CP-80 to CP-138), and Indianapolis Line SD (CP-138 to IP 273.5). This is all NYC Big Four territory, and was

NYC's link from New York City to Columbus, Cincinnati, and St. Louis.


This particular stretch of the Big Four was originally chartered as the Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati Railway Company on March 14, 1836. However, the first through train from Cleveland to Columbus didn't run until February 21, 1851.


The CC&C Rwy was consolidated with the Bellefontaine Railroad Company

just a few days later on March 3, 1851, and together the two formed the  Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railway Company in 1868.


In 1889 the Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway Company was consolidated with the Cincinnati Indianapolis St Louis

& Chicago Railway Company and the Indianapolis & St Louis Railway Company to form the CLEVELAND CINCINNATI CHICAGO AND St LOUIS RAILWAY COMPANY (aka "the Big Four"),  a wholly owned subsidiary of the New York Central Railroad.


Ownership passed into the hands of Penn Central and then Conrail. Today it serves as CSXT's link from New York City to St. Louis and Chicago, and remains a very busy piece of railroad.





                                           The Route

                  A list of interlockings, switches, signals,

                                   detectors, and junctions



GH  13.2   "CP-13"  AS  Berea

                 End Short Line SD, Begin Greenwich SD

               junction with NS Chicago Line, crossover


       15.5   Plate 151 E-W (trk #1),  Plate 152 E-W (trk #2)   Olmstead Falls


       15.8    Westview Switch (track #1)


       18.2   Plate 181 E-W (track #1), Plate 182 E-W (track #2)   Columbia


       19.0    Defect Detector Columbia


      20.1   Plate 201 E-W (track #1),  Plate 202 E-W (track #2)


       21.8    84 Lumber Switch (track #2)   North Eaton


       23.0   Plate 231 E-W (track #1),  Plate 232 E-W (track #2)    State Farm


       25.5   "CP-25"  AS   (crossovers, junction with CL&W SD)    Grafton


       27.2   Plate 271 E-W (track #1),  Plate 272 E-W (track #2)        


       28.3    Master Mix Switch (track #1)


       29.8   Plate 291 E-W (track #1),  Plate 292 E-W (track #2)    LaGrange     


       32.1   Plate 321 E-W (track #1),  Plate 322 E-W (track #2)  


       32.3    Defect Detector LaGrange


       34.7   Plate 341 E-W (track #1),  Plate 342 E-W (track #2)  


       36.4    Hoff Switch (track #1)


       37.0  "CP-37"   AS   (crossovers, junction with W&LE)     Wellington


       37.1    Lorain County Fairgrounds, East Siding Switch (track #2)


       37.9    West Siding Switch (track #2)


       39.8   Plate 391 E-W (track #1),  Plate 392 E-W (track #2)  


       41.9   Plate 411 E-W (track #1),  Plate 412 E-W (track #2)


       41.9    Defect Detector Rochester


       44.3   Plate 441 E-W (track #1),  Plate 442 E-W (track #2)


       47.0  "CP-47"   AS  (crossovers, junction with W&LE)    New London 


       49.0    New London Reservoir Park Campground


       49.4   Plate 491 E-W (track #1),  Plate 492 E-W (track #2)


       50.5    Defect Detector New London


       51.7   Plate 511 E-W (track #1),  Plate 512 E-W (track #2)


       54.5  "CP-54" AS  (Junction with Willard Terminal SD,

                              crossing with New Castle SD, WEDT)   Greenwich OH


       57.2   Plate 57 E-W


       59.2   Plate 59 E-W


       61.1    Shiloh Elevator Switch     Shiloh


       61.2   Plate 61 Eastward only


       63.7   Plate 63 E-W


       67.0    Defect Detector Shelby


       67.1   "Shelby"  AS  (crossing with Ashland RY)    Shelby


       68.1    East Siding Switch


       68.7    West Siding Switch


       70.6   "CP-71"  AS   EEDT


       73.5   Plate 731 E-W (track #1),  Plate 732 E-W (track #2)


       75.7   "CP-75" AS  (crossovers, junction with Fort Wayne Line SD

                                      via Crestline Connecting Track)  Crestline OH     


       77.8   Plate 771 E-W (track #1),  Plate 772 E-W (track #2)


       77.9    Galion Siding East Switch  (track #2)    East Galion


       79.0    Galion Siding West Switch  (track #2)


       80.3  "CP-80"  AS  End Greenwich SD, begin Mount Victory SD,

                                      junction with Columbus Line SD,

                                      Stone Pit switch (track #2)    Galion





                                                   The Trains



Q100 Intermodal


Q108 (Rose Lake IL - Little Ferry NJ)  Tu-Th

L108 (Rose Lake IL - Port Newark NJ)  Fri-Sun

Q109 (North Bergen NJ - Willow Springs IL)  Tu-Sat

Q110 (Willow Springs IL - North Bergen NJ)  Tu-Fri

L110 (Willow Springs IL - North Bergen NJ)  Sat

Q111 (Little Ferry NJ - Rose Lake IL)  Th-Sat

Q112 (Chicago TOFC - Port Newark NJ)  Mon-Sat

L112 (Chicago TOFC - Syracuse TV)  Sun

Q113 (Boston MA - Chicago Global 1)  Tu-Sat

Q114 (Chicago 63rd St - Boston MA)  Daily

Q115 (Boston MA - Rose Lake IL)  Mon-Fri

L115 (Cleveland OH - Rose Lake IL)  Sun

Q116 (Rose Lake IL - Boston MA)  Mon-Sat

Q117 (Boston MA - Chicago 63rd St)  Mon-Thu

L117 (Boston MA - Chicago 63rd St)  Sat

L118 (Chicago TOFC - North Bergen NJ)  Sun, Mon

Q119 (Boston MA - Chicago 63rd St)  Tu-Sat

Q140 (Rose Lake IL - South Kearny NJ)  as required

Q149 (Cleveland OH - Chicago 59th St)  Mon

Q150 (Detroit TV - Cleveland OH)  Tu-Fri

Q151 (Cleveland OH - Detroit TV)  Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat

Q152 (Chicago 59th St - South Kearney NJ)  as required

Q156 (Chicago 59th St - South Kearney NJ)  Daily

Q157 (South Kearny NJ - Chicago Global 1)  Tu-Sat

Q158 (Willow Springs IL - North Bergen NJ)  Th

L158 (Chicago TOFC - North Bergen NJ)  Sat

Q159 (Port Newark NJ - Chicago Corwith)  Mon-Sat

Q160 (Chicago 63rd St - North Bergen NJ)  Daily

Q161 (North Bergen NJ - Chicago TOFC)  Mon-Fri

L161 (South Kearny NJ - Chicago TOFC)  Sat-Sun

Q164 (Chicago 59th St - South Kearny NJ)  Daily

Q165 (South Kearny NJ - BNSF Cicero IL)  Mon-Sat

Q167 (Selkirk NY - Columbus TV)  Tu-Fri

L167 (Selkirk NY - Columbus TV)  Sat

Q169 (North Bergen NJ - Chicago 63rd St)  Tu-Sat



Q200-Automotive Business Unit


Q207 (Rose Lake IL - Jessup MD)   as needed

Q221 (New Castle PA - Avon IN)   Tue-Sun

Q252 (Nashville - Philadelphia Eastside)   as required

Q254 (Toledo Stanley - Selkirk NY)  Daily

Q267 (BNSF Cicero IL - Cleveland)  as required

Q270 (Louisville - Cleveland)  as required

Q279 (Bullalo Seneca - Pottersburg OH)

Q280 (Toledo Walbridge - Niagra Falls NY)  as required

L280 (BNSF McCook IL - Niagra Falls NY)  as required

Q284 (BNSF McCook IL - Doremus Avenue NJ)  as required

Q289 (Buffalo Seneca - Pottersburg OH)  Daily

L289 (Doremus Avenue - Pottersburg OH)  as required

Q290 (Wixom MI - Cleveland)  Tu-Sat

L290 (Toledo Walbridge - Cleveland)  Sun, Mon

Q291 (Buffalo Seneca - IHB Chicago Gibson)  as required

Q292 (Marysville OH - Cleveland)  Mon, Tu, Th, Sat

L292 (Marysville OH - Cleveland)  Wed, Fri

Q293 (Niagra Falls NY - BNSF Cicero IL)  as required



Q300-East-West Corridor Manifest Trains


Q351 (Selkirk NY - UP Proviso IL)  Daily

Q358 (Avon IN - Cumberland)   Daily

Q359 (Cumberland - Avon IN)   Daily

Q362 (Avon IN - Buffalo)  Daily

Q363 (Buffalo - Avon IN)  Daily

Q364 (Avon IN - Selkirk NY)  Daily

Q365 (Buffalo - Cincinnati)  Wed-Mon

Q366 (Louisville - Buffalo)  Wed-Mon

Q367 (Selkirk NY - Avon IN)  Daily

Q380 (Chicago Blue Island - Selkirk NY)  Daily

Q386 (Chicago Barr - Selkirk NY)  Daily

Q387 (Buffalo - UP Provoso IL)  Daily

Q389 (Selkirk NY - Chicago Clearing)  Daily

Q390 (UP Proviso IL - Selkirk)  Daily

Q391 (Buffalo - Toledo Stanley)  Daily

Q392 (Willard - Buffalo)  Daily



Q600 Cross Corridor Trains


Q638 (Rose Lake IL - Selkirk NY)  Daily



Z Trains - W&LE on trackage rights


Z391 (Greenwich - New London)

Z392 (Greenwich - New London)

Z393 (New London - Greenwich)

Z394 (New London - Greenwich)

Z395 (Greenwich - New London)

Z396 (Greenwich - New London)



X Trains - CP Overhead traffic


X505 (CP Montreal - Chicago Clearing)

Note: Many reroutes off of Michigan to/from Montreal use the

Chicago-Buffalo profile, so it is not unusual to see other CP trains.



K Trains Bulk Commodity


K236 (Chicago Barr - Fort Drum NY)

K237 (Fort Drum NY - Chicago Barr)


K315 (Buffalo Seneca - Middletown OH)  Coke

K320 (Miller IN - Lackawanna NY) 

K321 (Lackawanna NY - Miller IN)



Coal Trains


V703 (Lick WV - Alsen NY)

V714 (Lick WV - Rotterdam Junction NY)

V715 (Scotts Branch KY - Rotterdam Junction NY)

V716 (Damron Fork KY - Rotterdam Junction NY)

V724 (Lick WV - Rotterdam Junction NY)

V740 (Chicago IL - Kenmore Yard NY)

V797 (Goff KY - Tomkins Cove NY)

V798 (Sylvester Mine WV - Tomkins Cove NY)

V799 (Sylvester Mine WV - Tomkins Cove NY)


V800 (Buckeye 1 KY - Tomkins Cove NY)

V801 (Liberty Mine WV - Tomkins Cove NY)

V802 (Damron Fork KY - Tomkins Cove NY)

V803 (Goals Mine WV - Tomkins Cove NY)

V804 (Stirrat 1 Mine WV - Tomkins Cove NY)

V805 (Scotts Branch KY - Tomkins Cove NY)

V810 (Sylvester Mine NY - Solvay NY)

V819 (Fola WV - Solvay NY)

V822 (McVicker Mine KY - Solvay NY)

V824 (Holden 22 WV - Solvay NY)

V825 (Well Prep Plant WV - Solvay NY)

V826 (Damron Fork KY - Solvay NY)

V849 (Fanco WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V850 (Fola WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V851 (Stirrat 1 WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V852 (Lynch 3 KY - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V852 (Columbus OH - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V854 (Marfork WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V855 (Elk Run Junction WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V856 (Goff KY - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V857 (Goals WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V862 (Leatherwood 1 KY - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V863 (Lick WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V864 (Lynch 3 KY - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V865 (Danville WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V866 (Hutchinson WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V867 (Toms Fork WV - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V868 (Toms Fork KY - Ashtabula Harbor OH)

V869 (Toms Fork KY - Conneaut OH)

V870 (Bevins Branch KY - Conneaut OH)

V871 (Holden 22 WV - Conneaut OH)

V873 (Burke Station KY - Conneaut OH)

V874 (Liberty Mine WV - Conneaut OH)

V875 (Leatherwood 1 KY - Conneaut OH)

V883 (Prenter WV - Conneaut OH)

V884 (Elk Run Junction WV - Conneaut OH)

V886 (Fola WV - Conneaut OH)

V887 (Fola WV - Conneaut OH)

V888 (Chicago IL - Conneaut OH)

V889 (Scotts Branch KY - Conneaut OH)

V890 (Buckeye 1 KY - Conneaut OH)

V891 (Hutchinson KY - Conneaut OH)

V892 (Wells Prep Plant WV - Conneaut OH)

V893 (Chicago IL - Conneaut OH)

V896 (Holden 22 WV - Conneaut OH)

V897 (Roxana KY - Conneaut OH)


V901 (Chicago IL - Willoughby OH)

V902 (Cheyenne Mine KY - Willoughby OH)

V906 (Fork Creek WV - Willoughby OH)

V909 (Typo KY - Willoughby OH)

V910 (Chicago IL - Cleveland Collinwood)

V912 (Chicago IL - Ceico plant OH)

V956 (Sylvester Mine WV - Buffalo Seneca NY)

V957 (Hinton WV - Buffalo NY)

V961 (Danville WV - Conneaut OH)



Coal Empties


E001 (Alsen NY - Russell KY)

E002 (Alsen NY - Russell KY)

E003 (Carthage NY - Russell KY)

E004 (Carthage NY - Russell KY)

E005 (Conneaut OH - Russell KY)

E006 (Dunkirk NY - Russell KY)

E007 (Dunkirk NY - Russell KY)

E008 (Ravena NY - Russell KY)

E009 (Ravena NY - Russell KY)

E010 (Buffalo NY - Russell KY)

E011 (Buffalo Kenmore - Russell KY)

E012 (Buffalo Kenmore - Russell KY)

E013 (Roseton NY - Russell KY)

E014 (Roseton NY - Russell KY)

E017 (Willoughby OH - Russell KY)

E018 (Rochester NY - Russell KY)

E025 (Willoughby OH -Chicago)

E026 (Willoughby OH - Atkinson KY)

E027 (Selkirk NY - Russell KY)

E059 (Conneaut OH - Russell KY)

E060 (Ashtabula OH - Russell KY)

E066 (Willoughby OH - Russell KY)

E067 (Willoughby OH - Russell KY)

E082 (Tomkins Cove NY - Russell KY)

E091 (Buffalo Seneca - Russell KY)

E092 (Buffalo Seneca - Russell KY)

E097 (Ashtabula OH - Russell KY)

E098 (Ashtabula - Russell KY)


E146 (Rochester NY - Russell KY)

E147 (Rochester NY - Russell KY)

E148 (Rotterdam Juntion NY - Russell KY)

E152 (Syracuse NY - Russell KY)

E154 (Syracuse NY - Russell KY)

E157 (Tomkins Cove NY - Russell KY)

E158 (Fort Drum NY - Russell KY)

E159 (Fort Drum NY - Russell KY)

E179 (Ashtabula OH - Russell KY)



Grain Trains


G301 (Fort Wayne IN - Selkirk NY)

G303 (Decatur IN - Selkirk NY)

G304 (Avon IN - Selkirk NY)

G305 (Effingham IL - Port Albany NY)

G306 (Fort Wayne IN - Port Albany NY)

G307 (Hamlet IN - Port Albany NY)

G308 (Syracuse NY - East St Louis IL)

G310 (Kenton OH - Port Albany NY)

G311 (Lima OH - Port Albany NY)

G312 (Marion OH - Port Albany NY)

G313 (Mansfield OH - Port Albany NY)

G314 (Mansfield OH - Port Albany NY)

G315 (Toledo Walbridge - Port Albany NY)

G316 (Garrett IN - Selkirk NY)

G317 (Chicago Barr - Selkirk NY)

G320 (Chicago Barr - Buffalo)

G322 (Toledo Walbridge - Port Albany NY)

G323 (Emporia IN - Baltimore Locust Point)  

G325 (Toledo Walbridge - Port Albany NY)

G337 (Kenton OH - Baltimore Locust Point)  

G342 (Hamlet IN - Baltimore Locust Point)  

G343 (Avon IN - Baltimore Locust Point)



G754 (Baltimore Locust Point - Hamlet IN)   mt

G756 (Baltimore Locust Point - Avon IN)  mt

G776 (Selkirk NY - Fayne OH)  mt

G778 (Port Albany NY - Cincinnati OH)  mt

G779 (Port Albany NY - Decatur IN)  mt

G780 (Port Albany NY - Emporia IN)  mt

G784 (Port Albany NY - Toledo Walbridge)  mt

G785 (Port Albany NY - Kenton OH)  mt

G786 (Port Albany NY - Lima OH)  mt

G787 (Port Albany NY - Marion OH)  mt

G788 (Port Albany NY - Sidney OH)  mt


G902 (Barbers Station NY - Chicago Barr)






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