Lost and Found Penn Central Photographs

A westbound trailer train on the West Shore Branch. View is looking east toward the Rochester Piano Works and Washington Street in East Rochester, New York. Printed June 1974 on smudge-proof paper. Photographer unknown.

PC 2704

  • General Electric U23B
  • Builder# 38510 Delivered to Penn Central 8/72 Became CR 2704, retired 5/91
  • PC Maintenance base Buckeye Yard, Columbus OH
  • CR Maintenance base Buckeye Yard until 1983, then Selkirk NY

    I would not develop my passion for older GEs until the 1990's, so at the time that this picture arrived in the mail I had no appreciation for what this must have sounded like...a U23B teamed up with an Alco C630. All I knew was that it was Penn Central in New York, and therefore cool to a kid growing up in Michigan...

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