Lost and Found Penn Central Photographs

An evening westbound Amtrak train at Fairport, New York, on the PC mainline. The West Shore Branch is in the foreground. Printed June 1974 on low-lustre paper. Photographer unknown.

Amtrak 288

  • EMD E8
  • Builder# 16779
  • Delivered to PRR as PRR 5710 9/52, renumbered to PC 4280, then to Amtrak 288
  • PC, Amtrak Maintenance base Harrisburg PA

    I remember thinking to myself "I wish our GTW commuter trains were as cool as the Amtrak E units". Now, of course, we have no GTW commuter trains to complain about. And the snapshots I took of them on Dad's Brownie are in the middle of some anonymous landfill...because they weren't cool enough.


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