Conrail SD40 6260

Highbridge Road Bridge, Vermilion Ohio, June 1976.
Photograph copyright 1976=2002 by Jeff Knorek.

CR 6260

  • EMD SD40
  • Builder# Unknown
  • Delivered to PC 1/71
  • PC Maintenance base Harrisburg PA

    You say to-may-toe, I say to-mah-toe; PRR says TT, NYC says TV...This TV train came by a bit earlier in the evening before 1677 arrived. These were the very first (and among the very few) EL units that I had ever seen. By this time Conrail had not yet gotten their hands on the reporting marks of very many of their heritage units. Today, the van trains aren't called TV anymore. They have been lost to the alphabet soup of souless Norfolk Southern train symbols.

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