PRR 5676

Pennsylvania Railroad 5676, a Lima/Hamilton T2500 transfer locomotive with two in-line engines producing 2500 horsepower, is seen at Indianapolis, Indiana in March 1965. Another one of these beasts was used regularly for hump duty at Fort Wayne and lovingly refered to as "Big Moe." The stacks on this unit were taller than the stacks on the unit assigned to the Fort Wayne Hump. These locomotives were equipped with a rheostat that enabled them to move very slow while engine rpm increased, thereby retaining power to shove a long string of cars up the hump.

Photograph Copyright 1965-2001 J.M. Gruber, used with permission.
From the collection of Bob Bunting.

PRR 5676

  • Lima/Hamilton T2500
  • PRR Class LS25
  • Builder# Unknown
  • Delivered to PRR 1950

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