PRR GE U25B 2632

If you look at the nose of this unit long enough, it almost looks clean and shiney. Ya' gotta' love shooting in omnidirectional light. How many shades of DGLE do you see?. We presume this location to be PRR Piqua Yard at Fort Wayne, Indiana

Photograph Copyright 2001 S.C Bertels, used with permission.
From the collection of Bob Bunting.

PRR 2632

  • GE U25B
  • PRR Class GF25
  • Builder# 35127
  • Delivered to the Pennsylvania Railroad as PRR 2532 9/64
  • Renumbered to PRR 2532 in 1966
  • Became PC 2632, then became Conrail 2632
  • PC Maintenance base Selkirk
  • Retirement date unknown

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